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January 13, 2005


Peggy Noonan, whose grip on reality i thought was becoming a bit shaky based on some of her recent columns,* has rehabilitated my opinion of her with her latest piece, "MSM Requiem." i think it's the best post-Rathergate commentary i have read, or will ever hope to read.

Now anyone can take to the parapet and announce the news. This will make for a certain amount of confusion. But better that than one-party rule and one-party thought. Only 20 years ago, when you were enraged at what you felt was the unfairness of a story, or a bias on the part of the storyteller, you could do this about it: nothing. You could write a letter.

When I worked at CBS a generation ago I used to receive those letters. Sometimes we read them, and sometimes we answered them, but not always. Now if you see such a report and are enraged you can do something about it: You can argue in public on a blog or on TV, you can put forth information that counters the information in the report. You can have a voice. You can change the story. You can bring down a news division. Is this improvement? Oh yes it is.

That's exactly it. No more shouting in vain at the TV News. In the post MSM world, no one can have a monopoly on information, and everyone has an opportunity to be heard. Even you and me.

Via Lopsided Poopdeck.

Update: Check out this Krauthammer piece too. Link via commenter Shelly.

* Like when she suggested that Steven Spielberg could singlehandedly solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? Come on! If Jason Alexander and Richard Geer can't do it, what chance does Spielberg have?

Posted by annika, Jan. 13, 2005 |
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A Caddyshack reference? I think I love you.

Posted by: Micah on Jan. 13, 2005

I am with you. Her article saying no one wanted to be DNC Chm was just plain wrong. But this Rathergate article is quite good!

Posted by: Rod Stanton on Jan. 14, 2005


I KNOW I love you; it's just that I love Peggy more.

Sorry, it has been a long time thing since she first began writing for RWR. If you think she looks good now, you should have seen her then.

It is not fair that someone that is so good looking should also be blessed with a superior intellect and the ability to express it.

But then again, the only "fair" I know is in Pomona.

Posted by: shelly on Jan. 14, 2005

Amen, how sweet freedom is.

Posted by: Casca on Jan. 14, 2005

Let's be careful here, this is the same woman that wrote a lot trash about the President and other things. Like all Liberals if you will ever notice, they usaully will come out with something like this and then turn around and stab you with a BIG BOWIE knife and smile while they do it.
Let just watch and wait a while on this.....

Posted by: ikw3804 on Jan. 16, 2005

You may be thinking of another columnist, ikw. Peggy Noonan was Reagan's speechwriter, and i've always known her to be a solid conservative.

Posted by: annika on Jan. 16, 2005