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December 29, 2004

Wednesday Is Poetry Day

Here is a poem by a third grader in Tempe Arizona named Michelle, who happens to be a very gifted poet. This poem, written in January 2004 is a fine example.

The Tsunami

I silently aim
towards the land where I'll pour
I send myself to the city
Here comes the crash that I hate
I brush the sand
I cover and say goodbye
to the homes, buildings and cars

I sink back in the ocean
and offer thanks to the earthquake

Michelle introduces her poems by saying: "These are the poems I have been making. I hope you like them. I am in the third grade. My poems don't rhyme."

How sweet. Honey, don't worry about the rhymes. i think they're wonderful. Keep writing, Michelle.

Posted by annika, Dec. 29, 2004 |
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Well I have a silly resolution to stop wasting time watching law & order reruns. Now with Jerry's passing it seems fittimg to carry on with that.

Posted by: Matt on Dec. 29, 2004

Oh, and I think my little brother went to that very elementary school a few years back. You are right, Michelle's poems are fun to read so anyone reading this comment should go read them, it's a nice lil' break. especially "there's a clever fox inside me"

Posted by: Scof on Dec. 29, 2004

Speaking of Tsunamis, the Buckeyes are KICKING ASS!!!

Posted by: Casca on Dec. 29, 2004