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December 19, 2004

Here's A Secret, Just For You

As my holiday gift to all of my visitors, i'm going to let you in on a secret i discovered. Overstock.com is selling Season One of 24 (the TV show) for only $14.99. That DVD set retails normally for 70 bucks! If you're interested, go to the site and search for "24: Season One." But for pete's sakes keep this quiet. i'm pretty sure Overstock.com fucked up and meant to price it at $41.99. We don't want them to realize their mistake. Don't worry, i completed the transaction, and indeed i was only charged $14.99! Shhhh!

Posted by annika, Dec. 19, 2004 |
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I won't tell anyone. Promise.

Posted by: spydrz on Dec. 19, 2004


Posted by: Casca on Dec. 19, 2004

PS LOVE love LOVE love Love the Christmas layout. Aren't you just adorable!

Posted by: candy girl on Dec. 19, 2004

Aww c'mon Casca, i gave you first crack at it.

Posted by: annika on Dec. 20, 2004