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September 16, 2004

ROTFL Moment Of The Week

Fat-lard-ass Ollie Willis* comes up with some doozies, but yesterday he farted out a real howler of a line:

John Kerry is a better leader, a better man, a better patriot than George Bush and everyone else on the left (and a few honest folks on the right) knows it.
Yah? In what freaking parallel universe, lard butt?

* For whom no amount of money would induce me to give a link.

Posted by annika, Sep. 16, 2004 |
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Ollie is one of that breed of invincibly ignorant among us. The expression "dumber than dog-dirt" comes to mind. At some point the force or nature will surely catch up with him. If there is any justice, we're looking at a future Darwin Award winner!

Posted by: Casca on Sep. 16, 2004

"* For whom no amount of money would induce me to give a link."

And I thought I was the only one.

Posted by: physics geek on Sep. 16, 2004

hey if the left stops attacking bush and concentrats on the media, i would be fine with that

Posted by: cube on Sep. 17, 2004

*that sentence should read.

hey if the left stops attacking bush and concentrates on the issues i would be find with that.


Posted by: cube on Sep. 17, 2004

Yeah, and Dan Rather is a better journalist, a better man, and a better patriot than Edward R. Murrow

Posted by: DBrooks on Sep. 17, 2004

OK, Rah-bert, since Bush "stole" the last election that justifies your attempt at voter fraud to defeat Bush. Nice logic.......

You're fond of Osama, huh? That makes sense......You must be one of those Canadian dickheads that wants your socialist government to adopt Islamic(Get your burkha!) Sharia law so that Muslim men can legally perform misogyny against their spouses. Oh, and I bet you think we deserved the 9/11 attacks too. Am I right?

Posted by: reagan80 on Sep. 17, 2004

Careful, Robert. In your glorious People's Republik of Canada you could be prosecuted for hate speech for talking that kind of shit.

But you guys really know what the fuck you're doing, eh!

Posted by: Matt on Sep. 17, 2004

Yeah, Robert, that First Amendment is a real pesky piece of writing, isn't it? Oh, I forgot, it only applies to left-wingnuts. Conservative voices (curiously identified as some sort of takeoff on the name of the former Secretary of Labor) don't deserve protection in Robert's world.


Posted by: Patrick on Sep. 18, 2004

Ah C-mon, give RAH-BERT a break. He atleast acknowledges that to get Kerry elected it would take every Kerry supported 3 ballots from 3 differnt states for it to happen, and even then, maybe not!

Posted by: Cathy on Sep. 19, 2004