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June 22, 2004

Gee, What Religion Were Those "Insurgents?"

i find it interesting that the L.A. Times neglected to mention the religion of the "Chechen insurgents" who killed 58* people yesterday. Isn't their religion important to the story? The L.A. Times doesn't think so. But to the "insurgents" themselves, their religion is very important. In fact, if you asked them, they would probably say that their religion justifies their mass murdering tactics. (That is, assuming they didn't just kill you instead of answering your question.)

The Times also neglected to mention a certain phrase that the "insurgents" shouted as they attacked Ingushetia on their murderous rampage, shooting at passing civilian vehicles and ambulances. It just happens to be the same phrase that Nick Berg's killers repeated over and over again as they sawed his head off with a knife. But i guess the Times didn't notice that connection.

i also love the Times' headline, which emphasizes the Russian response in a curiously negative way. What exactly, i ask, is wrong with Putin's vow to destroy the terrorists?

i say go for it, Vlad!

* The New York Times, who also neglected to mention the terrorists' religion, reported 75 dead from the attacks.

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Welcome aboard, Anna.

"...carry on jihad against West 'until Islamic rule is back on Earth'" Don't fool yourself by thinking that this is the demented raving of a lone man. It is, in fact, the demented raving of a whole religion. Over one billon people. Scary.

Saving a seat for you, Hugo.

Posted by: The Agnostic on Jun. 23, 2004

June. Touche'.

"Insurgents?!" Fuck me.

There's an old lament that the boys utter when the women are out of earshot-

"If women didn't have c---s there'd be a law against them."

That's how I'm feeling about the frickin dogass media- there outta be a law about these assholes. The media is just pissing me off. For some reason, I'm feeling really frustrated about them. They are hurting the nation. I need sleep. I'm not feeling very brave or rational. Just damned frustrated. I think, really, I've been thinking about those kids in Russia. Late at night I get sad about that kind of stuff.

Posted by: gcotharn on Sep. 2, 2004