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June 22, 2004

No-Seeing Creed

We right wing Christians have our Nicene Creed. The left wing, contrary to popular belief, are not completely without faith. They have what i would call their "No-Seeing Creed." They refuse to see or accept what should be obvious truths. They adhere to these non-truths with a quasi-religious fervor, as Robert Alt points out in a humorous editorial. An excerpt:

We believe that there were no WMDs.

We believe that finding sarin gas is 14th page news;

We believe that if the sarin gas is old, then it really isn’t a WMD we were looking for;

We believe that it wasn’t really sarin gas;

We believe that sarin gas isn’t necessarily a WMD.

We believe that there was no terrorist connection to, or threat from, Iraq.

We believe that members of Abu Nidal in Iraq would not have committed terrorist acts if we had not invaded;

We believe that al Qaeda operative Abu Musab al-Zarqawi would not have committed terrorist acts if we had not invaded;

We believe that Saddam’s terrorist training camp at Salman Pak—complete with a Boeing 707 plane used for hijacking drills—did not exist or posed no real threat;

We believe that it was merely a coincidence that the pharmaceutical factory bombed by President Clinton in Sudan was using al Qaeda funds and a uniquely Iraqi formula to produce VX gas;

We believe that we are responsible for bringing terror on ourselves.

Link thanks to Sarah at Trying to Grok.

Posted by annika, Jun. 22, 2004 |
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Oh Annie, come on. Let's just give the religion of peace a couple more centuries to work itself out. In the meantime, we can discuss Clinton's new book!

Posted by: d-rod on Jun. 22, 2004

Sweet!!! good find. This will have to be passed on too, thanks!

Posted by: TB StLouis on Jun. 22, 2004

I haven't seen much about this in the mainstream press.


Also, I've seen a Joint air attack (Apaches and Air Force together) in action - very powerful indeed.

Posted by: Col Steve on Jun. 22, 2004

Gosh, who knew that we on the Christian left believed all of this nonsense?

I can't think of one of these that I agree with. And may I point out that it was the Christian Right (Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell) who DID suggest that the Lord lifted his veil of protection over America because of homosexuality and feminism. That's the most salient example of "bringing it on ourselves"!

Posted by: Hugo on Jun. 22, 2004

And Annie, you know better than to appropriate the Nicene Creed for the right; Mennonites can say it word for word with utter conviction.

Posted by: Hugo on Jun. 22, 2004