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June 08, 2004

Incredible WWII Escape Story

i love adventure stories and WWII is a great source for true stories of escape and adventure . From every theater, it seems. Everyone knows that The Great Escape was based on actual events. And i'd highly recommend reading the The War Journal of Major Damon "Rocky" Gause, which is a true story about an escape from Bataan.

Here's yet another true WWII escape story, about a soldier from the historic 506th PIR, who took part in D-Day, only to be captured by the Wermacht, escape twice, get captured again by the Gestapo, get beaten and tortured, escape again, flee to the east, take refuge with a Russian tank battalion, fight with them for a month as they headed to Berlin, get wounded during an attack by Stukas, land in a Polish hospital, where he met Marshal Zhukov, and finally make it back to the US embassy in Moscow, where he learned that he had been declared dead. What an amazing story.

Link via Serenity.

Posted by annika, Jun. 8, 2004 |
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LOL, your range of reading amazes me. I've actually read the Rocky Gauze book, and it's an incredible story, particularly if you've spent any time in the PI.

Posted by: Casca on Jun. 8, 2004

As an aside, the 506th is still in service, at least part of it: http://www-2id.korea.army.mil/units/brigades/2nd/506th/

Posted by: Tony on Jun. 9, 2004