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May 16, 2004

Attention All Personnel

What M*A*S*H character am i most like?

Captain Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce, according to this quiz.

Click here to take the M*A*S*H quiz!

Actually i never really identified with any of the characters in M*A*S*H. The only female, Hot Lips, i couldn't stand. Even during the later seasons, after Frank left and she stopped acting like she had a bug up her ass.

My favorite character was always Lt. Col. Blake. i liked his attitude towards work. "Just let Radar take care of it." He always had his priorities straight.

Got this link off of Pantherpundit.

Posted by annika, May. 16, 2004 |
Rubric: Dumb-Ass Quizzes


I came up as Klinger. I think I am gonna have nightmares.

Posted by: Tiger on May. 16, 2004

Very disturbed to find that I am also Hawkeye. I wanted to be Col. Potter very much (saying "horse hockey" as an expletive has a certain charm).

Posted by: Hugo on May. 17, 2004