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May 14, 2004

Recommended Reading

Kevin Kim and the Air Marshal are talking about me. As usual with Big Hominid, it's a deeply philosophical conversation, and worth your time.

The usual Glogger permalink problem prevents a link to the Air Marshal's post, but it's directly above Kevin's on the main page.

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Thanks for the shout-out Annika.

I'm wondering whether a few of us bloggers with CafePress products shouldn't be making some swag with the logo:

(which should be trademarked to no one)

Quite a few of us are wondering whether we'll see such a nightmare in our lifetime, especially given what's happening in Europe and elsewhere. If the signs are pointing in that direction, I think we're all going to have to quietly put aside our comfortable things, stand up, get in shape, and do what we can to stop such a horror from happening again, even at the cost of life and limb.

You mentioned my longtime buddy Dave, the "Air Marshal." His assessment of world events: we're in for a bloody century, and it's only begun. I agree.


Posted by: Kevin Kim on May. 15, 2004