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April 11, 2004

Another Sporadic Huge Comment of the Week®

Hello, i hope y'all had a nice Easter/Passover holiday. This weekend i've been fighting two viruses. (Or is it viri?) The first is some kinda flu that i suspect i caught on the plane last weekend. It's weird. Usually i start with a sore throat and end with a cough. This time i started with a cough and now i have a sore throat. The second virus is a crappy toolbar spyware thingie that attached itself to my Internet Explorer like the monster in Alien. i had to hack it up piece by piece to delete it. i'm still not sure if i got it all.

So that's my excuse for light blogging. But, i have selected a Huge Comment of the Week®, so i haven't been completely idle.

This week's H.C.O.T.W.® laureate is someone by the name of Anonymous, who commented on an old humorous bit i did way back on March 5, 2003, called Match The Idiotic Quote With The Idiotic Celebrity. i was pretty proud of that post, it being so clever and snarky. But this person Anonymous didn't seem too impressed by my humor.

so i bet all of the previous posters have never made mistakes before and find it easier to just put other people down because of their mistakes instead of look inside their own selves. im not saying that i like any of these 'stars' as role models, especially for little kids. i really dont think they are great role models at all for kids. but. as adults, i think its time we stop bashing things down and provoke change. its not productive to participate in giving these people money (however inadvertantly) by paying any attention whatsoever to them. to me, it seems as if all of you have bought into the whole cherade. i mean, britney, christina, allanis, paris, theyve all got you writing and making pages 'worthy' of stooping to their level and even discussing them. it just doesnt seem to make sense to me....... i dont mean to offend anyone here and id be more than happy to clear up my position on things, but im just amazed that this badmouthing can be any more valid than the whole entertainment crap. just dont pay attention if you dont like it. and if you really dont like it, do something about it.
i feel chided, i do. Still, i don't think i can stop making fun of people like Brittany, Kristina, Atlantis and Peris. i don't think i want to. It's too much fun. And if anyone doesn't like it, well, i refer them to this recent post.

Posted by annika, Apr. 11, 2004 |
Rubric: Huge Comment Of The Week®


I go out of town for a couple of days and all Hell breaks loose in Iraq. Is it a coincidence? Anyways, here are a few random thoughts about stuff.

After a brief look around the blahgospere, I find out that a couple of days ago Instarepugnant declared the Sadr uprising in Iraq aint no big thang. No, really, he did. I have no joke, snide remark or even amazed “huh” in response to this, since I simply couldn’t top what that dumbass said.

You know, I used to think that all Americans were arrogant, narcissistic pricks. Then a couple of years ago I got on the internet newsgroups and discovered that it was the Reich Whingers who were the arrogant, narcissistic pricks. After a year of arguing with these rubes over the Iraq war and subsequent occupation, I really began to despise you. Now, after spending the past half year roaming through the right whinge blahgosphere, I just wish you Reich Whingers could be exterminated like vermin. Fortunately, the valiant Iraqi insurgents will do just that.

Unlike Kos, I have no intention of retracting or clarifying that last statement, so any Reich Whingers who take offense and cry can bite my shiny metal ass. Or they can stand still while I take my oversized shoe and squash em like the filthy roaches they are. To sum up, you Reich Whingers are nothing more than vermin who need to be snuffed out of existence, I have no advertisers for you cunts to complain to about what I’m saying and so you can go fuck yourselves.

Over the next few days, the Sadr City Insurgents will battle the George Bush Infidels in game sixty of a best of nine thousand series. This one promises to be another bloodbath. My money is on the Infidels to take this one, but in the long run I hope the Insurgents will prove to have the staying power necessary to take the series.

As I write this, I’m watching “The Daily Show”. Why does a funny guy like Jon Stewart only get a half hour when that Reich Whinge shill, Dennis Miller, gets a full hour? Damn that liberal media. Okay, I’ll be honest, Miller is funny too, but only in his delusional fascism

Posted by: Robert McClelland on Apr. 12, 2004

What a pleasant intelligent comment there buddy - really on topic too. Anyway did you see janet on SNL this weekend doing Condi, annie? I thought kristina doing Samantha a little while back was hilarious too. Nice to see SNL getting back to being funny. Not quite as funny as the delusional morlock commenting above, but still pretty funny.

Posted by: d-rod on Apr. 12, 2004

i love it when idiots like that comment, D-Rod, don't you? They are so funny.

Posted by: annika! on Apr. 12, 2004

Obviously Robert McClelland wants to make Huge Comment of the Week...

Posted by: Susie on Apr. 12, 2004

Oh, wait--it's just a cut-and-paste of a post, or vice versa....

Posted by: Susie on Apr. 12, 2004

Sheesh! It took JadeGold a while to come up with a new personality, but he really outdid himself with this one! And he managed to avoid his trademark keywords -- just barely. He's melded "Repugs" and "Instacracker" into "Instarepugnant." Clever!

Posted by: Matt Rustler on Apr. 12, 2004

Gotta be fair to Jade, blind vitriol isn't exactly his/her style, and Jade hasn't ever disclosed his/her blog in a comment. Also this guy's IP location is in New York not D.C.

Posted by: annika! on Apr. 12, 2004

Y'know it is really pathetic to see a troll so desperate for attention that he resorts to cutting and pasting posts from his own blog into the comments section of other people's blogs...

He is just stirring the pot, trying to raise a reaction. Asshat.

Posted by: Desert Cat on Apr. 12, 2004


It's all just part of the identity change! ;-)

Posted by: Matt Rustler on Apr. 12, 2004

WOW, I feel so chastized. Ole Robbie really shot us full of holes. Opps, not that he/she would ever resort to violence, that being the perogative of right wing nutjobs like ME! Annie, I have posted here once several months ago, come by to get an injection of reality from time to time. I just had to grenade this clown, it was to good a target. Keep spreading the good word. Later, Darlin'.

Posted by: 2Hotel9 on Apr. 13, 2004

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