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March 23, 2004


Why is this person not lying on the ground, unconscious, with multiple compound fractures and no teeth?

This shit pisses me off.

Posted by annika, Mar. 23, 2004 |
Rubric: The Huh? Files


Is that really all you think he deserves? Tut, tut. You're such a big softy. ;-)

Posted by: Matt Rustler on Mar. 23, 2004

Somehow, even without clicking the link, I knew what person you were referring to.

Smithers! Release the hounds!

Posted by: Pixy Misa on Mar. 24, 2004

Same shit, different decade, and for that matter, century.

The young ones have skulls full of mush, and are clueless, especially the Korean group for North Korea.

The older folks, well, they're hopeless. Refugees from the 60's, who never got in. What a psychological case study that group would make.

Not to mention this Bush=Hitler stuff pisses me off too.

Posted by: joe on Mar. 24, 2004

He's still walking around and healthy because violence against those not sharing one's views is a favorite Muslim and LEFTIST tactic. When you see violence, intimidation or stifling of 1st Amendment rights on a campus, is it not always Muslim and Leftist students starting it?

When you hear about one group of protestors attacking another, is it not ALWAYS Muslim and
Leftist protestors responsible for the attacks?

When you hear about soldiers murdering their Sgts or Officers as a method of protest, is it not ALWAYS Muslim and Leftist soldiers doing the killing?

That guy is still walking around healthy because while violent assholes are embraced by Muslims and the Left, we on the Right condemn our extremists and shove them away from us. He's still walking around healthy because the Right repects the rule of law. It's only Muslims and the Left who glory in mocking and ignoring it.

Posted by: Tom on Mar. 24, 2004

He probably got a NEA grant for that (both for attitude and artistic quality)

Posted by: Radical Redneck on Mar. 24, 2004

As a friendly suggestion, I think you should email these photos around. People need to see protestors' love for communism and terror for themselves.

Posted by: Mark on Mar. 26, 2004

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