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March 03, 2004

Another Passion Review

Do read Matt's comments on his viewing of The Passion. It's a personal angle i hadn't considered, but one i think is very true.

Somehow, despite knowledge of what Jesus did for me, I've never felt the sacrifice on an emotional level--certainly not to the degree that seems appropriate, given the magnitude of His suffering and its eternal implications for mankind. It's never been as real to me as something that I'd experienced personally. Tonight, though, it was different.
Glogspot permalink problem, scroll down, you know the drill.

More: Here's another very thoughtful review by blog-friend Desert Cat. It's Glogger again, so scroll past the Safire related post to his March 2 entry entitled "The Passion."

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A book that does the same thing -- makes real the theology we've heard our entire lives -- Richard John Neuhaus, "Death on a Friday Afternoon." First time I "got," as in understood, the need for the atonement. No small thing in our guiltless, therapeutic society.

Posted by: Stephen on Mar. 3, 2004

Thanks for the link!

Blogspot is beginning to bother me. I thought it was good enough at first, but little annoyances like these faulty permalinks will eventually drive me to a "real" blog platform.

I've also resigned myself to the fact that I'm not going to rise above the level of a "flippery fish" until I get more serious about my blogging tools. Either that or shortcut by joining one of the alliances...

Posted by: Desert Cat on Mar. 3, 2004