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February 25, 2004


i got an e-mail from a guy i don't know named Parson T. Dogies. the subject of his email is: better than via. Gra . stereophotomicrography.

i've always been interested in science and technology, and i'm curious about this stereophotomicrography, which is a field i've not heard of before.

Should i open it?

Posted by annika, Feb. 25, 2004 |
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I wouldn't open it. It looks suspicious. Send it to your worst enemy instead....

Posted by: greg on Feb. 25, 2004

I don't know...the Better Than Viagra sounds kinda hinky.

Posted by: Kin on Feb. 25, 2004

Stereophotomicrography is cool... But not that cool.

Hmm... Maybe Daniel would appreciate it.

Posted by: Pixy Misa on Feb. 25, 2004

I wouldn't open it. If you're interested in that subject, do a search on the internet and mabye find some books at the library about it. But as far as opening an email from someone you don't know...never.

Posted by: Serenity on Feb. 26, 2004

Don't open it, but if you are interested in stereophotomicroscopy, check out :

I am partial to the silicon zoo myself. (Marginals found on semiconductor chips, like Waldo hiding behind some bus lines on a microproccessor,
http://micro.magnet.fsu.edu/creatures/pages/waldo.html )

Posted by: Mythilt on Feb. 26, 2004

well my familie are so mean to me!!! I wanna live with my sis should i go.

Posted by: lauren attard on Jul. 15, 2005

My family are mean and my fat brother reckons he's try's to be nice my mum & dad believe him and it feels like they are against me are they?
And i wanna move to my sisters house 2and a half hours away for about a year i have friends there but should i go???

Posted by: lauren attard on Jul. 15, 2005

HEY!!! read this plz. if you fought with your family and you were a 10 year old girl would you move to your sisters?loza!!!p.s:write a message down the bottom.

Posted by: lozattard(lauren) on Jul. 15, 2005

No don't open it but if this person knows your e-mail i sugest you get another.

Posted by: loza on Jul. 15, 2005

Lauren, it all depends on how old you are, what you mean by your family being "mean" and whether your sister is able to take car of you right. When i was young i thought my parents were terrible, but now i look back and see that they were only doing what was right for me.

Posted by: annika on Jul. 16, 2005