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January 16, 2004

Only A Test Post In A Gilded Cage

A Reflection Upon the Modern Style

Poetry that doesn't rhyme
Is laziness, a waste of time,
A blight upon the landscape that
Would be outlawed if I were King.

And poems that do not scan are worse;
How can they be described as verse?
They have no soul; their tone is flat;
They do not make one cry or sing.

This modern stuff I cannot stand.
It must be banished from the land,
While I lay out the welcome mat
For poetry with rhymes that ring

Down through these hallowed, ancient halls
And far on out beyond these walls,
To man and woman, dog and cat...
I'm out of words that end in ing.

Posted by annika, Jan. 16, 2004 |
Rubric: Poetry


Okay team, you know the drill.

Posted by: Pixy Misa on Jan. 16, 2004


Welcome to our world!

Posted by: The Bartender on Jan. 16, 2004

Let me be the second to say: Yay!

Welcome to Munu. Taking over the World since 2003.

Posted by: Simon on Jan. 16, 2004

WOO HOO!!! I was gonna bring a cake but I, y'know... left it at the store.

And I love the poem! A friend of mine once told me: "Hey, you should re-write your song lyrics so that they don't rhyme and then publish them as poems!" I smacked him good.

And I just came up with an alternate ending for yers:

Down through these hallowed, ancient halls
And far on out beyond these walls,
The hardest rule to learn is that
a poem is not an endless thing.

Eh. At least it rhymes... :D

Posted by: Tuning Spork on Jan. 16, 2004

Yay!!!!!!! (and, finally!)

Posted by: Susie on Jan. 16, 2004

Maybe I should tell Annika. :)

Posted by: Pixy Misa on Jan. 16, 2004


Dang, I was supposed to be second--I helped recruit her!

Posted by: Victor on Jan. 16, 2004


I've sent Annika an email to let her know she has a blog here. :)

Posted by: Pixy Misa on Jan. 16, 2004

Wow, i'm going to cry. Thanks everybody. i'm really excited about being a Munuvian. i won't be able to start posting here until the 24th, but that poem will be a nice placeholder for me. Did you write it, Pixy? i love it. :)

Posted by: annika on Jan. 16, 2004

Welcome, Annika!


Posted by: hln on Jan. 17, 2004

Good to see ya girl!

Posted by: Cherry on Jan. 19, 2004

Yay! Annika! Now make one of these goons show ya how to import all your blogger posts into MT. Glad ya finally made the break!

Posted by: Tiger on Jan. 19, 2004


Posted by: LeeAnn on Jan. 20, 2004

A very belated Yay!

Posted by: Ted on Jan. 20, 2004


I'm no longer the new guy!

Posted by: StMack on Jan. 22, 2004

thank christ, an RSS feed.

Posted by: glenn on Jan. 22, 2004

OK, so get back already!

Posted by: Tiger on Jan. 26, 2004


It's quiet in here.

Too quiet.

Posted by: Pixy Misa on Jan. 26, 2004

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