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May 14, 2007

Old Joke For A New Rate

Every time the Post Office raises the price of stamps, I trot out an old joke I heard years ago.

[I say] Did you hear the post office just raised the price of stamps again?

[You say] They did?

[I say] Yah, they needed the money to buy more "next window please" signs.

ba-dum-pump. I'll be here the rest of the week.

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The first time I heard that joke, I laughed so hard... well, no actually, I didn't.

Posted by: Casca on May. 14, 2007

Ha! You could fill in the blank: they needed the money for...ESL classes for the employees.

Posted by: Joules on May. 14, 2007

but notice they never raise the bulk mail rates so that you have to wade trough a mountain of landfill in your box every freakin day. (except weekends and holidays of course)

Posted by: kyle N on May. 15, 2007

And yes, I'll tip my server.

Posted by: Ontario Emperor on May. 15, 2007

Nine bucks to mail twelve lbs of sunflower seeds, shaving gel, candy, salsa, eyedrops, beef jerky, pringles, and a Playboy to Iraq... priceless.

Posted by: Casca on May. 15, 2007