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April 03, 2007

The Category Is "Heads Of State"

Identify the European head of state who, according to Time Magazine, complained that the President "acts like a faith healer" and formulates "policy from the pulpit?"

Answer here (paragraph 6).

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I never saw that one coming. What a surprise...a pleasant one, nonetheless.

Posted by: reagan80 on Apr. 3, 2007

Only one person at a time is "The President". Every other former occupant of that position is "Ex-President" or "former President".

So, when you asked the question, it was obviously a trick question, because "The President" is not that fool Carter.

Better hope the bar Examiners are more careful about their questions...

Posted by: shelly on Apr. 4, 2007

"...the virtues of open diplomacy and moral principles as a substitute for what he contends was the often secretive and sometimes amoral Realpolitik of the Nixon-Ford-Kissinger years."

The man was, is, and at this point, probably always will be the definition of a fucking idiot. What was accomplished in those amoral years? Well there was this war in Vietnam, that the left didn't want to win, but didn't want Nixon to get the credit for ending. There was also the opening of Russia with Glasnost, and that Red China thing, all of which created a world where the possibilities of nuclear war became more remote.

Jimmy on the other hand, deposed the Shah, and gave us the mullahs. I propose that wherever he opens his mouth in front of a microphone, he be driven from the place with wet towels! The man is a disaster.

Posted by: Casca on Apr. 4, 2007


It is not surprising that you genuflect for the dubious accomplishments of a man who’s name and dark countenance has been, until the current occupant of the WH grabbed the feedbag of slime, synonymous with deceit and malfeasance, anti-Semitism, racism and many other less pleasant attributes and deride a man who has acted impeccably throughout his career, never a whiff of scandal, always championing the high moral ground.

The Shah was a corrupt despot and Israel will settle for nothing less than separate but unequal. Today I was reading an account of the firing of general Lavelle in 1972 and the Nixon-Kissmonkey-Laid statements about the event transcribed from the tapes. They are pissed at Laird for firing Lavelle when he (Laird) knew full well that “protective reaction” was to be used as the excuse for bombing targets in the North other than SAM sites that turned on their radar. Lavelle was hung out to dry for following the orders contained in the wink rather than the explicit paperwork and the winker (although more often referred to as the wanker), Nixon, was furious.

Posted by: strawman on Apr. 4, 2007

Hey Casca, did you hear something?

I swear I thought I heard something. Nope, I guess not,

Sorry about the OSU bit; I couldn't resist. I actually spit out my coffee when I read Annie's post. Florida's team is going en masse to the NBA, but USC just got the Numero Uno pick for next year. This year was your chance...

Posted by: shelly on Apr. 4, 2007

Mata is a good coach. I'm just glad that we have a respectable program now. Conley is an incredible talent, overshadowed by the big man Oden. They'll probably do the smart thing, and take the money, and be gone next year. Who can blame them?

Posted by: Casca on Apr. 4, 2007


At this point in your career, I'm rarely surprised at your silly statements and distortion of reality.

Jimmy Carter is a miserable failure. He's a disgusting, amoral, self-righteous idiot. The day he meets Jesus will be a great day for mankind. The moron is unworthy of being mentioned in the same sentence as Nixon, who despite some obvious personal failings accomplished more in his career than that jackass Jimmy Carter did or ever will.

"The Shah was a corrupt despot and Israel will settle for nothing less than separate but unequal."

Yeah, the Iranian people (and the American and Israeli people were much better off with him gone.) My God, are you that dumb!? Jimmy Carter is as much responsible for the current mess with Islamo-fascism as anybody walking the planet.

Your commment about Israel, however, was even more dumb. How is it possible that this German-American can know more about and care more about your own people than somebody in tribe? I have Jewish friends that would spit on you, Straw, for such inane rambling. The very people who would like to see every Jew dead get to vote in Israel. Ruminate on that while you sit around feeling sorry for the barbarians.

Get a life and clue, pal. Better yet, try going to Israel sometime and meeting your people, and experiencing what life is like knowing you are surrounded by sub-humans whose entire existence revolves around destroying you and yours.

Posted by: blu on Apr. 4, 2007

Straw is this the same naive Carter who has been bowing before the altar of dictators for decades and thinks they're all perfectly rational people? Is this the same vicious Carter that rips his country at home and abroad?

If you're going to defend a Democrat President, fine. Pick Roosevelt. Pick Kennedy. Carter?

Posted by: Mark on Apr. 4, 2007


Calm down fella, wipe the foam off your lip, take a drink of water and listen. I am dedicated to the survival of Israel, be they my tribe or not. (you should only know how many Jews And Israelis I have as friends and business associates). But I am not going to get sucked into your foaming at the mouth rambles about the sub-human peoples that surround them and agree that a policy of keeping a heel in their necks is the only way to control a very difficult situation. No matter how long you keep your heel there you will someday have to or want to relax and try to live your life. Unfortunately the damage done through oppression cannot be undone by simply getting them to say uncle. The poverty and oppressive conditions in Gaza and the west bank are appalling. The population explosion in these territories is causing great pressure and the anger and resentment grows year by year. The numbers that want to sacrifice everything to the cause increases daily. Explosives are the limiting factor, not those willing to serve Allah. I do not expect nor do I want the Palestinians to enter Israel and participate in running the country. No vote and no citizenship. But, short of trucking 2 million people out into the desert and shooting them, (which on may days, I am sad to say, I think is a good idea) I cannot think of a solution that does not include giving up territory and resources. Can you? I don't pretend to know exactly how this might be configured but I do know that the application of military might coupled with indefinite containment is not a solution.

Maybe I don't remember the events of 1979 too well, but why would you lay Khomenei's accent at the feet of Jimmy Carter? Corrupt royal families are not my cup of tea but neither are Islamic Republics.

Posted by: strawman on Apr. 4, 2007

Want to watch a Jew's eyebrows go up and his eyes squint?

Just start saying any version of "Some of my best friends are Jews".

We all know what's coming next...

Posted by: shelly on Apr. 4, 2007


But when you are one it's different.

Posted by: strawman on Apr. 5, 2007