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November 06, 2006

Quote Of The Day

Dean Barnett, at Hugh Hewitt's:

[I]f the lefty blogosphere is some sort of La Cosa Nostra, that canít be good news for Oliver Willis because heís obviously Fredo.
LOL, except he'd capsize the rowboat before they ever got out on the lake.

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LMAO, I can't believe that ANYONE reads that stupid fuck! The mere fact that he still exists on the web is a monument to human tenacity. I think of him as a dumber fatter Juan Williams. A touchstone on life's journey, all one need do is shoot a back azimuth from their recommended course.

Posted by: Casca on Nov. 6, 2006

"[I]f the lefty blogosphere is some sort of La Cosa Nostra" then Oliver Willis is the little-dumb brother of the big bag godfather. Is that really such a bad thing?


Posted by: 4Truths on Nov. 7, 2006

The lefty blogosphere is not "some sort of La Cosa Nostra", but Franke-Ruta especially has a point. A careful reading of the posts on several of the most prominent Democratic blogs suggests that the only things that matter to the liberal netroots are the war in Iraq, hating Bush, and bourgeois social issues.
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Posted by: World.Statesmen on Nov. 7, 2006