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September 04, 2006

Crazy Lithuanian Rabbit

This is good for about three minutes out of your day. No more than that. Give it a try.

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Hello, my name is Viki! I’m 10. I’m deeply impressed with your funny rabbit!!! It’s so cool!!! Super! I’m laughing! Hi-hi-hi. You know, I’m crazy for rabbits; they are so fluffy and sweet! I have one at home too. Its name is Bobby! Once we flew to Cyprus and my Bobby was told to remain at home! I missed so much that took a rabbit-toy (Bobby too) and was sleeping with him at night in Cyprus Four Seasons! When I arrived home, Bobby was so happy to see me! My friend fed him and he didn’t die! Thank you for this funny rabbit, it reminds me my Bobby!

Posted by: massyandra on Sep. 12, 2006