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September 04, 2006

MNF Schedule

This week is finally here. Thursday is the start of the NFL regular season. Yay!

Because I'm a masochist, I will revive the infamous feature known as Annika's Monday Night Football Picks.

The schedule is in the extended entry.

Week 1
Monday, Sept. 11
Minnesota at Washington, 4:00
San Diego at Oakland, 7:15

Week 2
Monday, Sept. 18
Pittsburgh at Jacksonville, 5:30

Week 3
Monday, Sept. 25
Atlanta at New Orleans, 5:30

Week 4
Monday, Oct. 2
Green Bay at Philadelphia, 5:30

Week 5
Monday, Oct. 9
Baltimore at Denver, 5:30

Week 6
Monday, Oct. 16
Chicago at Arizona, 5:30

Week 7
Monday, Oct. 23
N.Y. Giants at Dallas, 5:30

Week 8
Monday, Oct. 30
New England at Minnesota, 5:30

Week 9
Monday, Nov. 6
Oakland at Seattle, 5:30

Week 10
Monday, Nov. 13
Tampa Bay at Carolina, 5:30

Week 11
Monday, Nov. 20
N.Y. Giants at Jacksonville, 5:30

Week 12
Monday, Nov. 27
Green Bay at Seattle, 5:30

Week 13
Monday, Dec. 4
Carolina at Philadelphia, 5:30

Week 14
Mon., Dec. 11
Chicago at St. Louis, 5:30

Week 15
Mon., Dec. 18
Cincinnati at Indianapolis, 5:30

Week 16
Mon., Dec. 25
Philadelphia at Dallas, 2:00
N.Y. Jets at Miami, 5:30

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What are the rules?

Posted by: jjjet08 on Sep. 4, 2006

The rules are simply to marvel at her awesomeness, admire her beauty, and root for the Raiders.

Posted by: Scof on Sep. 4, 2006

This is nice, but we'll be celebrating Bears/Packers week at my place, because nothing else matters.

Posted by: Pursuit on Sep. 4, 2006

My favorite team is whoever the Raiders are playing that week.

Posted by: shelly on Sep. 4, 2006

Speaking of Bears, it seems to me that the golden ones had a rough time back in good ole Tennessee.

Posted by: shelly on Sep. 4, 2006

won't let it go, will you Shelly!?

Posted by: annika on Sep. 4, 2006

Sorry Annie; it's just that I get so much grief when USC loses that I need to dish out a little when I can...

Posted by: sjelly on Sep. 5, 2006

USC losing is a pretty rare event, though...

Posted by: annika on Sep. 5, 2006

Last Rose Bowl was enough to last a year or more. We won't be happy until we get our hands around the Horns again and crunch them...

Posted by: shelly on Sep. 5, 2006

If you want to see the horns get whipped, you'll have to tune in Saturday night.

Posted by: Casca on Sep. 5, 2006