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April 24, 2006

Eagle Claw Anniversary

I find it strange that there is no media recognition of today's 26th anniversary of Operation Eagle Claw. Especially with Iran in the news so much lately. I did a couple of different google news searches and found nothing.

Eagle Claw was the failed attempt to rescue the embassy hostages, in which eight rescuers were killed. The disaster threw a spotlight on Carter's "hollow military," but it also led to the creation of the Special Operations Command, and more importantly, the election of Ronald Reagan.

Why might the media want to ignore Eagle Claw's anniversary? As LGF and others have pointed out, cynicism when it comes to the media's Iran coverage is often justified.

But one would think that they'd play up the Eagle Claw failure angle, in order to argue that a military solution to the Iranian nuclear problem would be futile.

However, such an argument might involve upleasant evidence of Carter's ineptitude, in contradiction of the media's ongoing campaign to beatify the loser.

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Lets not forget that while the wimp ass Carter was busy giving away the Panama Canal and wondering what we can't do, a good ol' Texan and red blooded American organized a mission and rescued his employees that had been imprisoned in Iran in '79.

Ross Perot has a bunch of stuff about this near the cafeteria at his PerotSystems complex in Plano. The food's lacking, but the history is great.

Posted by: Scof on Apr. 24, 2006

Ah yes, "The Loser", without him the Republic would not have elected Ronaldus Magnus. The media doesn't want to touch the debacle-in-the-desert story, since it is sure to awaken long buried memories of the incompetent fucktard who ousted the Shah and ignited the revolution, that is the wolf at the world's door to this very day.

Posted by: Casca on Apr. 24, 2006

On his show today, Michael Medved addressed the statement made by some Lefties that Bush is "the worst President ever."

One name to disprove that silly statement: Jimmy Carter.

Posted by: Blu on Apr. 24, 2006

I think we're all trying to forget Jimmy. The problem is he just. Won't. Go. Away!

Posted by: Pursuit on Apr. 24, 2006

Hmmm, you seem to be building a speculative cardhouse quite a few stories high. One could easily say that Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld didn't mention it because they don't want the unwashed masses to remember a military failure against Iran. Or that joint operations are fraught with Service infighting and cross-functional communications issues.

Speculation is easy and quick.

Posted by: will on Apr. 25, 2006


Give everybody a freakin' break. First of all, Bush, like his father, and unlike his Democrat counterparts, doesn't bad-mouth past or previous Presidents. It's called having a little dignity and grace. (You can bet your commie ass that Bush will never go to a foreign country and bad-mouth his country like your average Democrat ex-prez: See Carter & Clinton) So, it was never a possibility that they would mention it. Secondly, the MSM isn't very likely to run a negative story on Carter. He's a hero to those people, which tells you how pathetic your average MSM journalist is.

Posted by: Blu on Apr. 25, 2006