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April 08, 2006

Draft Day Questions

1. How does Al Davis fuck this one up?

2. Who gets Bush?

3. Will Green Bay take a QB or stick with their vacillating, over-the-hill hall-of-famer?

4. How will Al Davis fuck this one up?

5. Where and when does Leinart go?

6. If Houston or the Titans take Young, will he deliver for them?

7. Can anything help the Raiders. Or the Niners for that matter?

8. Can Viera handle both Today and Millionaire?

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WTFO!? Will the Buckeyes set a record with first round and total draft picks from on school!!! Bet on it!

Posted by: Casca on Apr. 8, 2006

I think Young will be a star - eventually. He will be overwhelmed for a long time - years, and will be awful during this period.

I'm additionally impressed with Young's leadership qualities. I would want him for my franchise. I would be willing to suffer through the early days. Even when he is awful, he should be fun to watch. Vince Young will always sell tickets.

Sometimes scouts and franchises overthink. Dan Marino was passed by something like 22 teams, and was the 6th QB taken in his draft. Mike Singletary was passed by the entire league in the first round, b/c he was "too short."

Posted by: gcotharn on Apr. 8, 2006

Oh yeah - Al Davis:

Blinding glare from white sweat suit cause Raiders flunky to draft Lance Young: QB/WR, Univ. of Texas, with Raiders' first round pick. Lance has a 3.95 GPA, and a 4.95 40 time. He will go on to an outstanding career in the Raiders front office.

Posted by: gcotharn on Apr. 8, 2006

Heh now, Al knows his market. California has a lot of criminals, and as long as there are prison gangs, the Raiders will have fans.

Posted by: Casca on Apr. 9, 2006


Jets, Jets, Jets

Posted by: Jane on Apr. 9, 2006

To answer your questions:
1. he shows up
2. Texans
3. They already have a young QB (the guy from Cal, I believe) - look for the Packers to go defense
4. see #1
5. probably to the Titans
6. they won't - Texans need a guy like Bush and Leinart already knows the Titans offense. But if they do, don't expect him to do much at QB and figure that there will be talk of moving him to WR or RB.
7. the Raiders might actually be alright this year. The 49ers need every team in the league to lose their starting QB and RB to injury to have a chance just to make the playoffs.
8. I have no idea what you are talking about.

Posted by: KG on Apr. 9, 2006

Of course, Aaron Rodgers, how stupid of me to forget!

Posted by: annika on Apr. 9, 2006

Jane, if you're going to talk all nasty like that, please do it topless, and send pictures.

Posted by: Casca on Apr. 9, 2006

Vince Young was effective because his size made him a real threat to run on broken pass plays and options.

In the Pro's, he will just not be able to do that; they are all as big, or bigger than Vince.

Vince is not a remarkable passer. If I'm drafting, he is far down the list. Bush should and will go first, Leinart maybe third or fourth. There are a couple of DE's from somewhere that could go 2nd, but it is too early in the morning for me to remember which ones.

Young will be lucky to be drafted in the first round.

SC has a bumper crop, Bush, Leinart, Bing and Justice all can go in first round. Betcha USC goes stronger than OSU. Any takers?

Posted by: shelly on Apr. 10, 2006

Stakes please.

Posted by: Casca on Apr. 10, 2006

Texans will take Bush. Any other year I would be upset with passing a once in a decade talent like Vince Young, especially since he is the hometown boy. But Reggie Bush might be an even bigger once in a decade like talent.
In addition, Two other players in this draft have that kind of potential at their position,
A J Hawk and T-brikassschwaww(whatever) Ferguson.
The depth of this draft is hard to believe, nevertheless, Alice Davis will probably screw it up and you KNOW that the Saints will certainly screw it up.
Why? well, because they are the Saints.

Posted by: kyle n on Apr. 10, 2006

PS> Shelly, Vince's passing rating was in the high '80's. Also, he has all the intanglibles. Leadership, decision making, ect.
Actually I think Leinhart is the one who will have a little trouble adjusting to the NFL. He doesnt have the natural ability his predecessor Carson Palmer had. He might have trouble adjusting to the speed of the game.
When you have a great O line, a pretty damm good defense, and backs like White and Bush to help you, it tends to make you look like a great QB.
Now he might BE great, but he might also struggle a lot if he goes to a crappy team, (jets)

Posted by: kyle8 on Apr. 10, 2006

I concur with Kyle on intangibles. Vince's running could be compared with Randal Cunningham, Steve Young, and Michael Vick. Plus, Vince has leadership qualities, and never say die competitiveness. In this regard, he reminds me a bit of Roger Staubach. I love Reggie Bush. But I hate to see the Texans pass a unique hometown talent.

Posted by: gcotharn on Apr. 10, 2006

The problem with Vince Young is that Texas ran almost every play from the shotgun - it's a much easier offense for a QB because he can see all of the defense, he doesn't have to worry about a 3, 5, or 7 step drop and he can run out of it. No one runs the shotgun in the NFL as much as Texas did. And as far as running QBs go, they don't tend to win in the NFL - of the three you listed, gcotharn, they have a total of one SuperBowl title. Running on a busted play is one thing, running because your first read isn't open is another.

Leinhart's best fit will be Tennessee, where he already knows the offense. He'll struggle because all rookies struggle, but I think his game is better suited to the NFL than Youngs.

And when it comes to intangibles, I'm thinking that every single guy taken in the first round have 'em. They wouldn't be at this level without them.

Posted by: KG on Apr. 10, 2006

I think KG is spot on about running QBs. I'd take a great passer over a "running QB" anyday.

Posted by: annika on Apr. 10, 2006

Here's something I've wondered about:

if Vince Young declared himself a RB, and you were the Texans, would you draft Young or Bush with the first pick?

Vince has now won consecutive Rose Bowls, and, best I remember, has yet to be tackled inside the Pasadena city limits.

Posted by: gcotharn on Apr. 10, 2006

That's because he was playing NO-D Pac 10 teams. He got his ass tackled in Columbus, and I have the video to prove it.

Posted by: Casca on Apr. 10, 2006

in that case, gcotharn, it becomes a tougher call, especially with the success that Pittsburg has had in converting QBs. Young may well be the best athlete in the draft, but you really don't have to be a great athlete to be an NFL QB.

Posted by: KG on Apr. 10, 2006

SC drafts higher than OSU.

Stakes are one Annika Coffee Cup, but then, you probably never earned one.

Posted by: shelly on Apr. 11, 2006

Let me get this straight, since I'm dealing with lawyers and their ilk. What exactly do you mean by "drafts higher"?

A coffee mug? Puhleez, at first I thought I'd send you a buckeye, since you've probably never seen one, and you could send me a box of them there trojans. Let's make the stakes something more manly, and worthy of the argument.

Posted by: Casca on Apr. 11, 2006

OK, how about 10 points for each first round pick, 9 for second round, etc. Whoever gets the most points after 10 rounds wins.

I don't want any used Buckeyes. How about Cuban cigars or nude pictures of Annie?

Posted by: shelly on Apr. 11, 2006

Lol, you guys are funny. The season's over and you're still fighting.

I got buckeye once. A little ointment cleared it right up!

Posted by: annika on Apr. 11, 2006

That'll teach you to use trojans, mwahahaha.

I like your scoring system.

"Naked pics of Annie"? How naked?

Posted by: Casca on Apr. 12, 2006

as far as which QB will have a tougher time in the pros, i'd bet they both wash out as QB, young because his size won't matter any more, Leinart because he's obviously been scared to even go pro. they're gonna eat his lunch.

Posted by: JD on Apr. 12, 2006

Hey Annie:

Wanna get in the contest? You can have the Golden Bears.

Posted by: shelly on Apr. 12, 2006