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March 07, 2006

Still More Muslim Outrage

When will it end?

From The Wesleyan Argus:

'Death to the infidels who have committed this blasphemy against Allah!' shouted Lebanese Imam Rahim al-Safaar to a teeming crowd of enraged supporters. 'How dare they challenge the unrivaled supremacy of Jack and Ennis's torturous and passionate love! And that Ryan Phillipe, what a bi-yatch! Maybe you can put Reese's Oscar between your legs and pretend you've got a johnson! Seriously, did you guys see Cruel Intentions? He is so gay! But in that creepy ambiguous manipulative way, not in the repressed-cowboy way. Die, blasphemous scum!'
Then on a more serious note, there's this.

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They touch the rat temple and I'll head over and start knocking some heads together!

Posted by: Victor on Mar. 8, 2006

nice handlebar on that "lady of the rats" sheesh.

Posted by: annika on Mar. 8, 2006

I wish I could quit you.

BTW, the Wesleyan's film commentary genius went to the Hugo & Annika school of film study. Socialist Realism is with us still.

Posted by: Casca on Mar. 8, 2006

You mock the rat temple, annika? Do you *know* what happens to those who dare mock the rat temple?

Posted by: Victor on Mar. 8, 2006