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February 05, 2006

Dannebrog Again


With all the flag burning going on, I think it's appropriate to refer once again to my old old Dannebrog post. Click here.

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I was hoping that it was a holiday requiring copious consumption of alcohol. Not to worry, it's Super Sunday! I say let ALL women under fifty go topless!

Posted by: Casca on Feb. 5, 2006

As an American of Danish/Norweigian descent, I'm curious. Where in the hell does one buy Danish flags on short notice to burn in Gaza or Amman. If I wanted to burn a Yemeni flag tomorrow, I seriously doubt I could find one in first-world San Francisco, much less dozens of them. Are 'flags of the world stores' ubiquitious in these Arab hellholes? Or is it possible that these protests are not spontaneous?

Love your poetry selections.

Fred Jacobsen
San Francisco

Posted by: Fred Jacobsen on Feb. 5, 2006

The Danish are a marvelous nation. During the Nazi occupation in WWII, the masses of the Danish people risked their lives to save Danish Jews and smuggle them over to safety in Sweden. Those same national traits of loving kindness and tolerance caused the Danes to admit some 200,000 Moslem immigrants from Islamic countries to Denmark, to a life of freedom and material comfort they never could have found in an Islamic country. As a reward, Denmark's flag is trampled and her embassies are burned.

Long live Denmark! May her people find the courage to defend their freedom and culture against Moslem invaders.

Posted by: Ralphy Boy on Feb. 5, 2006

HEY ANNIKA, Betty Friedan is dead. that reminds me of a joke. Why does my wife wear white?
So she blends in with the other kitchen appliances.

Posted by: Kyle N on Feb. 5, 2006

In reaction to the trampling & burning of their country's proud symbol, I say the Danish need to start repopulating their country. To that end please sign me up for a visit, i wouldn't mind a dane dame.

Posted by: Scof on Feb. 6, 2006

Why take the time to go to Denmark when you can just fly to Sacramento?

Easy to pick her out; she's the one with the hot shoes and correct fashion togs...

Posted by: shelly on Feb. 6, 2006

bloggers make good tourists, i guess

Posted by: Scof on Feb. 6, 2006

Obviously you haven't heard: "And crossing the channel, one can not say much, of the French or the Spanish, the DANISH or Dutch. The Germans are German, the Russians are red, and the Greeks and Italians eat garlic in bed. The ENGLISH, the ENGLISH, the ENGLISH are best! I wouldn't give tuppence for all of the rest.

It's not that they're wicked, or naturally bad. It's knowing they're foreign, that makes them so mad.

Posted by: Casca on Feb. 7, 2006

Good one, Casca. Haven't heard that Flanders and Swann ditty for years.

Posted by: shelly on Feb. 8, 2006

Regarding Danish flags in Gaza, I heard something on the radio about a guy there who sells flags for all sorts of burnings - don't know when he started stocking up on Danish flags, or why he decided to do so. He buys his Danish flags from the Far East, but he actually buys his Israeli flags from Israel.

Posted by: Ontario Emperor on Feb. 10, 2006