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August 29, 2005

Something Wrong With Comments?

Some of you have emailed me with rejected comments. i don't know why they're being rejected, but it's not my doing and i have no control over the filter. It may have something to do with the recent mu.nu server problem and hopefully it will only be temporary. Feel free to email me with your compliments or vitriol, in the meantime.

Posted by annika, Aug. 29, 2005 | TrackBack (0)
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The only major problem I've had is that your comments window never remembers my personal info. Aside from that, no problem.


Posted by: Kevin Kim on Aug. 30, 2005

Who are you again? Do i know you?

Posted by: annika on Aug. 30, 2005

Annie, I tried a few posts and all were rejected.

Let me know when this problem is fixed or you move from mu.nu.

Posted by: shelly on Aug. 30, 2005