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July 20, 2005

Not Worried About Ann

So Ann Coulter's not happy about the John Roberts nomination? i don't believe her. i hate to let the cat out of the bag, but i'm convinced her column today is all part of the game plan. It smells like something Karl Rove would have cooked up.

It's no secret that presidents throughout history have used friendly and willing columnists to their own advantage. This president has been caught doing it a couple of times, to great controversy. i read Coulter's piece and her objections seem half-hearted. Hey, i agree with her on strategy. i think Bush should have named an in-your-face conservative, and i said so a few weeks ago. But on substance, the worst she can say about Roberts is "we don't know much about" him.

This is great strategy. When people who don't follow politics that much hear Ann Coulter's name, they often think of her as a right wing extremist. She is not that. Michael Savage is a right wing extremist. Coulter is just very funny, often sarcastic, blonde and female. Therefore, the left hates her more than Savage, who's appeal is narrower and thus less dangerous from their point of view. No one has to be told that Savage is a nut. But since Ann Coulter makes sense so much of the time, demonizing her is the only weapon the left has against her.

So when the politically apathetic hear that Coulter is against Roberts, they're not going to know the specifics of her lackluster objections, they're just going to think "he must be okay." It's just my theory, and of course what do i know, but this kind of reverse psychological tactic seems like trademark Rove to me.

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cliche alert

A second positive fallout from Coulter-type articles:

Might not Conservative heebie-jeebies make Roberts eager to prove his bona fides?

Posted by: gcotharn on Jul. 20, 2005

Oh yeah. Annie, not Anni, is dropping her panties for Rove. Brilliant cover move.

Posted by: Casca on Jul. 20, 2005

I agree with you that Ann Coulter is "positioning" Roberts toward the center

And I also agree with you on your assessment of Savage vis a vis Coulter...

Posted by: Thomas Galvin on Jul. 21, 2005

it never ceases to amaze me how the scared little dim-witted dems all seem to be worried about everything. now they are in a panic as to who farted they are really getting ready to melt down.the dems mental disease is worsening. did rove really do it? or not......

Posted by: bill on Jul. 21, 2005

Ha, I saw the Coulter article, myself I thought it was a fairly transparent attempt to give Roberts cover from the right.

But kid yourself not, y'all are building the new world order and the more doctinaire rightwingers personally loyal to the maximum leader get packed into the upper layers of gummint, the more looting will take place, and the less likely it is that the country will hold together after the bonk.

China off the dollar peg? check
Oil and overall energy system weak and vulnerable? check
Political Division to the point where no issue can be dealt with on it's merits? check

This country is the fiscal equivalent of a meth addict, and when we're done tweaking out on various conspiracy theories and the P.R.C cuts off the money spigot, where will we be?

Posted by: Bull Libertarian on Jul. 28, 2005

nnika,I don't visit your eb site often,but when I do it is always informing.But I have to disagree with you on Ann Coulter.Yeah,she's smart and she's pretty,but most of the time and I can onlyspeak for myself here she come she comes off as pompous know-it-all on the right.I guess Michael Savage and I do agree with him on many points was once a lefty and when you have on hte other side and have switched your prespective changes and naturally your passion is a lot stronger.Ann Coulter has never been on hte other side at all and also she tends to have avery hloier than thou attitude that I don't particularly care for.

Posted by: Lisa Gilliam on Jul. 28, 2005