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July 10, 2005

Spider War Update



As predicted and long feared, a spider bit annika on the ass.

. . .

Meanwhile, in Florida, it's windy.


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come on now, you cant get anyone to suck the poison out?

Posted by: Kyle on Jul. 10, 2005

Get the fuck out of the way Kyle! Bend over Anni!!

Posted by: Casca on Jul. 10, 2005

....there's a cream for that.

Posted by: Jasen on Jul. 10, 2005

Nice, and I don't even know which is yours. :-)

Posted by: MarkD on Jul. 10, 2005

I doubt it was a spider. The majority of "spider bites" are actually ant bites.

Posted by: Victor on Jul. 10, 2005

Uh, there were asses in that picture?

I was preoccuppied looking for spider bites on the nearly-transparant yellow halter top in the background.

I'm guessing that the ass on the left belongs to Annie...

Posted by: Robbie on Jul. 11, 2005

I never thought I would be asking this question online, but which ass is yours?

Posted by: Jonathan on Jul. 11, 2005

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Pants getting tighter.

Posted by: Radical Redneck on Jul. 12, 2005