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July 01, 2005

Shark Culture (Scarborough's An Idiot)

The Maximum Leader has written off Scarborough Country for good, vowing never to watch the show again. That apparently leaves Joe Scarborough's mom as the only viewer left.

The reason cited by the Maximum Leader was an eyebrow raising statement by the former congressman, or mayor, or whatever, regarding the recent spate of shark attacks in Florida. He apparently implied that the source of these shark attacks was the difference between human and shark "cultures."

Perhaps he might consider interviewing Greg Norman for more insight into this theory, i don't know. Maybe Jerry Tarkanian is available for a remote, it's worth a try.

Freaking idiot.

Anyways, Maximum Leader had this to say in response:

Great jeezey chreezey. Somehow it is comforting to know that if only we would bother to translate the literature of the shark, we could avoid sharks attacking humans. We should feel guilty for not knowing the intricacies of shark interpretive dance. There would never be another shark on human attack if we could marvel at the splendor of the great underwater shark cities and grow to know their ancient history. Shark feeding frenzies off the beaches would be harmful only to baitfish if we could read the poetry of the shark Maya Angelou or ponder the profundity of the shark Plato.

Of course, it is partially the fault of the sharks. Have they bothered to understand our culture? Have they read Faulkner, Tolstoy, or Hardy? Do they know the tales of Hemmingway? (Okay, scratch Hemmingway...) Have they seen the pyramids?

. . .

Understand shark culture.... What a friggin' idiot.

Thanks for the laugh, ML, i've never seen you so worked up, LOL.

[Oh btw, ML, i like how you've taken to using my subtle misspelling trick on Ernest Hemingway's name. Or perhaps you meant to type Herringway. ba-dum-bump.]

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Its become obvious that Democrat party is a party without a soul. They are never clear about what to believe without recent poll data so they know the popular opinion first, and they are completely obsessed with stopping the president and every turn. We are witnessing a political party meltdown before our eyes with the lone obsession of gaining back power by any destructive means necessary.

Posted by: Jeff on Jul. 2, 2005