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June 30, 2005

Ulf Hjertström Update: Two Down

Recently i posted about Ulf Hjertström, the Swede who was held hostage by terrorists in Iraq and vowed to hunt them down. Here's an update:

Hjertström 'doesn’t want to go into detail' about the bounty hunters, but assures Expressen that they are 'the best money can buy.'

'They’re not twiddling their thumbs,' declares Hjertström, revealing that he has 'received confirmation that two of [the kidnappers] have already been taken care of.' When asked to elaborate on the fate of the purportedly captured men, the Swede says he 'hasn’t inquired' but has his 'suspicions.'


The original story is in Swedish. i can't read it but i know someone who might be able to.

Link thanks to Billy McCormac of the Stockholm Spectator Blog.

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Posted by annika, Jun. 30, 2005 |
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"Taken care of". This image of Rooster Cogburn popped into my mind. Real wild west show over there in Iraq. I'd just be happy to be eating lefsa again.


Posted by: zona boy on Jun. 30, 2005

yay! more violence! civilization will be improved if we all turn into vigilantes!

Posted by: eric on Jun. 30, 2005


Ulf is doing the world a favor by removing from this earth some very violent terrorists.

That seems to be a lot more effective than kissing their feet as you and other lefty's want to do.

A Melbourne Age editor sums up the feeling of every lefty by saying this:

"The issue really is largely, speaking as I understand it, he was treated well there. He says he was fed every day, and as such to turn around and use that kind of language I think is just insensitive." (via Tim Blair.)

Yep, that's us conservatives all right. We have insensitive feelings about violent terrorists.

Posted by: Jake on Jun. 30, 2005

it's truly amazing how in so few words you can so completely obfuscate, add and subtract meaning, and show the weakness of your argument. by posting something simplistic i hoped to get just that response--sarcastic, devoid of any factual argument, and full of incredibly dumbed-down stereotypes. (you seem educated, so do you honestly believe that "lefty's" - a term which means absolutely nothing, by the way - want to "kiss their feet"?) what about the vaunted rule of law that's always trumpeted by republicans? does it not apply in certain cases when ignoring it benefits you? inasmuch as i can try to understand ulf's actions - which i do, because i may do the same thing - it seems you're very confused at the difference between justice and vengeance. as i presume you would, i would personally stand on the neck of anyone sending suicide bombers to israel and i'd not hesitate to put a bullet through the 9/11 highjackers and anyone who had anything to do with it, even obliquely. but i wasn't talking about that, was i - i was making a statement about violence. it's very telling that you would jump on the attack to defend something that hasnt been attacked in the first place. your siege mentality is showing, my friend. in a way i wish i thought in such black and white terms, it must be very simple to just take what the leader says as gospel and use namecalling against anyone who disagrees with you.

i hope you respond, i can't wait to see you lump me in with these terrible "lefty's" again and answer questions i havent asked, defend against attacks i haven't brought...

Posted by: eric on Jun. 30, 2005


What, exactly are you proposing? Ulf should just let bygones be bygones? Sue them? Is it ok if the military takes action against the terrorists?

How about non-violent retaliation? Maybe he should flush a Koran? Appeal to the UN for a resolution?

I support the idea of direct retaliation against those who have deliberately caused harm. Makes for a more polite society.

Posted by: MarkD on Jun. 30, 2005

"Taken care of", yes reminds me of the good old days when the CIA still protected the "family jewels".

Posted by: Casca on Jun. 30, 2005


Hey, I quoted an esteemed left-wing editor from Australia. That sounds pretty factual to me.

I am sorry for calling you a lefty. I know that there is no group more despised, more scorned and more laughed at than left-wingers. To call you a lefty is to call you reactionary, racist conforming, boring, dirty, hostile, unkempt, snotty, intolerant and angry.

But it could have been worse.

I could have called you a Democrat.

Posted by: Jake on Jun. 30, 2005

Hey I know........lets just all convert to be muslims so they dont hate us anymore!!! Thats what they all want isnt it?

Posted by: Jeff on Jul. 2, 2005

> I support the idea of direct retaliation
> against those who have deliberately caused
> harm. Makes for a more polite society.

Strange that polite society isn't here yet, seeing as that the human race have done little else than retaliated since Cain & Abel...
I'm sure that whatever your feelings on revenge might be, you know that this act will not in any way "tip the scale to zero". The kidnappers' relatives, not being able to read these enlightened posts, will just see their family get killed. And as they probably can't get the guy who put out the contract, they will hate and try to kick the butt of anyone from the same general area.
Just as a lot of mosques were vandalized after 9/11. I'm sorry, but it just goes on and on. Much as it hurts your ego, someone WILL have to be big enough to say "bygones". Only way.

Or we could just kill off the bad people and the good people will remain. (This was irony.)

Posted by: Johan B on Jul. 6, 2005

We have learned that justice cannot be subcontracted. Contrary to old cowboy movies, you can't let the law out of your own hands.
Vengence? You bet your sweet ass. There is nothing wrong with well directed vengence.

Posted by: Walter E. Wallis on Jul. 9, 2005

"Or we could just kill off the bad people and the good people will remain."
You may have meant it as irony, Johan, but it is true. These terrorists want to capture people like you and me, and cut our throats. It's as simple as that. I want to kill them before they do more damage - it's not a tough concept.

Posted by: Barb on Jul. 10, 2005

I would love to be a part of Operation Vengence, but I think a better name is Operation Justice, because that would be what those murderous cowards would be getting.
They kill anybody and their aim is everybody that they can't control. I would personally like to take off the head of Bin Laden and Al Zarqawi,
these two deserve nothing less, and I would like to do it the same way Al Zarqawi did it to Nick Berg, and all the others.
Call it what ever you want, as long as it gets done....

Posted by: Beth on Jul. 10, 2005

I have no problem at all understanding those feelings. I felt them myself after seeing the Nick berg video. But if you don't just surrender to them, you start to think. If you cut the throats of the "original cutters", they will in turn have people who love them (which we may find strange). And you can bet YOUR sweet ass that they will probably not say "OK - we bear no grudge, they had it coming".
So by all means, they should be stopped, but not with the "eye for an eye" method.

Posted by: Johan B on Jul. 22, 2005