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April 08, 2005

What Liberals Substitute For Argument

More pie throwing.

Very persuasive, assholes.

Via Michelle Malkin.

Posted by annika, Apr. 8, 2005 |


'twas actually staged to get some press for Horowitz and to further create the impression in the minds of key swing voters that being conservative is cool and rebellious and like totally makes people hate you. why once you get the people believing that, then you've got the next generation's votes in your pocket and revolution is at hand, as long as you can look less dorky at the other side. it's all true, trust me.

Posted by: Scof on Apr. 8, 2005

*less dorky THAN the other...

Posted by: Scof on Apr. 8, 2005


If you truly believe what you write, then you just don't know David Horowitz. He is neither dishonest nor a fool. He would never be part of a staged act of idiocy such as this.

David is bringing the microscope of public opinion to bear on the prejudical state of affairs in our American Universities and the intolerence for the conservative or moderate point of view.

It is a free speech issue and he would never gamble the success of his crusade on a two bit punk trick like this.

Posted by: shelly on Apr. 8, 2005

scof wrote:
"it's all true, trust me."

ward?.......churchill?......is that you?????

Posted by: louielouie on Apr. 8, 2005

"being conservative is cool." You got that right, Scof

To be liberal at a university is to be reactionary, stick-in-the mud, conforming, boring, old-before-your-time follower.

To be a conservative is to be new, fresh, exciting, interesting, challenging, young-at-heart rebel.

Posted by: Jake on Apr. 8, 2005

I don't get it. What kind of idiot would waste a perfectly good pie?

Posted by: other Annika on Apr. 8, 2005

Well, Annie, it certainly is a waste.

A few years earlier, it would have not been wasted, as David would have stopped and asked for ice cream and eaten the whole thing himself.

But he has had some health issues lately and would not eat more than his carefully counted caloric diet would allow. Ergo, waste.

Occasionally I have similar urges with David, as he can be a provocative character, but he has way too much pride to be involved in a cheap stunt such as the one in question.

Just isn't David...

Posted by: shelly on Apr. 8, 2005

I read goldberg's Bias, all of Coulters books, Hannity ect, ect. Then I read Left Illustions by DHor. Just gotta say, I love them all but they're truly lightweights in contrast. The act of pie throwing is the perfect metephor for libs; they're just silly, they're clowns

Posted by: mh on Apr. 8, 2005

Here's Chuck Muth's take:


First conservative publisher Bill Kristol got a pie in the mush while speaking about foreign policy. A few days later, conservative pundit Pat Buchanan got doused with salad dressing at a university speech. And now conservative activist David Horowitz has been "pied" while delivering a speech on Wednesday night at Butler University.

Is this the best the left can come up with to counter conservative thought? It appears so. It also shows a decided lack of original thought. Left-wing monkey see; left-wing monkey do.

Posted by: shelly on Apr. 9, 2005

As Professor Bainbridge keeps saying, it's only a matter of time before (some of) these assholes trade up to guns.

Posted by: Matt on Apr. 9, 2005