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February 14, 2005

Hello Young Lovers Wherever You Are

During my first year of undergrad i went out with a really sweet guy who used to smother shower me with gifts and cards all the time. It was a very profitable relationship, from a material standpoint. But ultimately, he gave me too much attention.

Recently, i found one of the many love notes this guy sent me. It's pretty nice, so before i shred it, i thought i'd publish it for all the world to see, in honor of St. Valentine's Day. My apologies to its author, though i highly doubt that this guy has even heard of a blog; he wasn't the brightest bulb i've ever been with.

Dear Annie,

I miss you very much and I really need to be with you. It's really nice knowing that you're with me not just physically, but spiritually it is truly wonderful and very fulfilling. I'm very happy to have you in my life and I want us to always love one another. You are everything to me, you are my absolute world. I will always and remain being in love with you. Youre a natural high for me - everytime I think of you. You are the most wonderful gift God has ever given to me. I'll never stop loving you Annie. Never! I sometimes wonder what I did to deserve someone as special as you. I love you and I'll never be tired of saying I do. I just hope you don't get tired of me. I love you so much, and please always remember that. I hope to be yours forever.

Love ____.

That's beautiful ain't it? Re-reading it all these years later, i think the sentiment contains the perfect mixture of sappy teenage love cliché and creepy insecurity vibe. But hey, he was writing a new card every couple of days, it must have been hard to come up with new material all the time.

We broke up after he started calling me repeatedly at work, demanding to know "who is he?" To which i would answer, "there is no one else but you, dear." Of course i needn't mention to you that there actually was someone else. But i was younger then, and not as serious.

When we eventually broke up, my poor sweet boyfriend was very upset. Finally dumping him did not end the cards and gifts, though. But instead of giving them to me, he sent the gifts to my friends and family. The point was to make me feel guilty, i guess. i didn't really care. It was kind of weird and my friends thought it was creepy too. But they kept the gifts, lol.

Lest you think i'm too harsh, karma did catch up with me. i left the letter writer for the hottest guy, who was also quite a playa. He ended up breaking my heart terribly, and repeatedly, before i learned my lesson and moved on.

And yes, i'm probably gonna pay in karma for having posted that letter too.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Posted by annika, Feb. 14, 2005 |
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Great post, Annie.

Yes, the insecurity -- and the sincerity -- come through perfectly. I suspect I wrote some notes very much like that in my youth...

Posted by: Hugo on Feb. 14, 2005

So are you free this weekend? ;) We can discuss Palsgraf v. Long Island RR.

(Relax, just a joke.)

Posted by: Mark on Feb. 14, 2005

Oooo, can we talk about International Shoe instead?

That way we can maintain minimum contact, yet still talk about shoes!

Posted by: annika on Feb. 14, 2005

Sorry, i realized that the above joke was sooo inside that only law students and lawyers who have not totally repressed all memories of first year law would recognize the reference.

Posted by: annika on Feb. 14, 2005

C'mon Annie:

No one who as suffered through law school could ever forget the trauma of Palsgraf. Just don't ask us to discuss it.

Regarding the note: it is no wonder the guy is gone. Leo the Lip once said "Nice guys don't win ball games". He was right.

But, since I have nothing to lose, I'll take a chance and wish you "Happy V-Day". Go have a red beer and dream of your first big paycheck as a lawyer.

Posted by: shelly on Feb. 14, 2005


"You are everything to me, you are my absolute world."

If there's anything that I can impart to my daughter, it's that boys are not everything, and don't drop everything for a guy.

But she won't listen, because she is Young and Wise.

Way of the world...

Posted by: Ontario Emperor on Feb. 14, 2005

I love you and I'll never be tired of saying I do. I just hope you don't get tired of me.

I look at lines like those as jinxes. The way I look at it, when someone says to me "I just hope you don't get tired of me," they're basically telling me that eventually, I WILL get tired of them. No good.

Happy Valentine's Day! :D

Posted by: Amy Bo Bamy on Feb. 14, 2005

face forward annie dearest

Posted by: betsy trotter on Feb. 15, 2005