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February 01, 2005

My Email To The MSM

i thought i'd send an urgent e-mail to the brain trust at MSNBC, AP, CBS et al. How long do you think they'll run with my story before they figure out it's not true?


i say they'll run with this story at least until the first hundred or so e-mails come in. Then they'll pull the story without a word.

Update: On a more serious, and sinister note, there's this story that you probably won't hear about on the MSM.

Forumblog, the blog dedicated to covering the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, reported last Friday that CNN chief Eason Jordan accused the US military of targeting journalists for assassination, and succeeding in twelve cases. . .

. . .

If indeed Forumblog reported this honestly, then Jordan needs to either produce the evidence for such charges or resign in disgrace, with his last action an apology to the US military aired in CNN's prime-time news show. If not, CNN's entire news organization loses all credibility as long as he remains in it.

. . .

If Jordan has evidence of this military practice, why hasn't CNN reported it? And if he has no evidence, why would the chief of a worldwide news agency spread unsubstantiated rumors? What else has CNN reported that is similarly sourced, and what else has CNN suppressed with solid sourcing?

Read Captain's Quarters for the full rundown.

Via A Western Heart.

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I laughed so hard, that I coughed up a lung!

Posted by: Casca on Feb. 1, 2005

That short of a time? I was thinking at least a 1,000 e-mails and a few phone calls.

Posted by: Luke on Feb. 1, 2005

Very funny Annika! It puts a smile on my face before I dose off tonight.

Posted by: Mike on Feb. 1, 2005