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January 31, 2005

Voting Rights: An Exercise In Pretty Pictures?

i wonder what the left wing pundits would have said during the height of our country's civil rights movement. Would they have the gall to call African American voters risking their lives to cast a ballot just "an exercise in pretty pictures."


Voting matters. Democracy matters. Back in the sixties there were many people, i'm sure, who said that African Americans didn't want to vote, and couldn't be trusted to participate in Democracy. Those people were called Klansmen.*

Are the nay-sayers in the media, who refuse to see the democratization of Iraq as a good thing, any different than old fashioned racists?

* You know about the Klan. That's the organization that Democratic Senator Robert Byrd joined.

Posted by annika, Jan. 31, 2005 |
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When the trolls try to claim that the Iraq election wasn't credible due to low Sunni turn-out, ask them if they gave a rat's ass about the low white voter turn-out in post-Apartheid South Africa........


Posted by: reagan80 on Jan. 31, 2005

He wasn't just a member. He was a recruiter.

Posted by: Casca on Jan. 31, 2005

Count on the Senile Klansman from West Virginia to add his vehement voice to that of the Shrill Clawless/Toothless Bitch from California and the Fat Bloviator from Massachusetts.

Hell, there were no WMD's and Bush lied, while Kerry was in Cambodia, Gore invented the Internet, and Clinton did not have a sexual relationship with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky.

At least Joe Leiberman has his head screwed on right on this one. Sure easy to find a Statesman amongst the rabble.

Posted by: shelly on Jan. 31, 2005

Joined? The guy was a friggin Grand Dragon or something wasn't he?

Posted by: Pursuit on Jan. 31, 2005

"Are the nay-sayers in the media, who refuse to see the democratization of Iraq as a good thing, any different than old fashioned racists?"

Actually, Anna, they are different in one very big way--the racists of the civil rights era were at least strongly patriotic. It's hard to doubt that Southerners of the time were staunchly pro-American and pro-military.

The new media is neither. That's the big difference.

Posted by: Robbie on Feb. 1, 2005

i can't agree that patriotism, without a belief in the core principles of equality on which this country was founded, is any kind of patriotism at all.

Posted by: annika on Feb. 1, 2005

Boy. Those two situations-- Iraq and African American voting rights --are really different.

Far be it from me to speak for all the left wing pundits, but the situation I'm concerned might come about is actually more of a Rwanda-type thing, where a minority ruled with the help of colonial interests until the political winds shifted and the United Nations initiated an imperfect program of nation-building to democratize the country with the effect that the majority took power-- and eventually started a program of genocide against the former ruling minority.

I mean, that's just me. But I guess the rest of the left-wing pundits could be no different than old fashioned racists.

Posted by: Joshua on Feb. 6, 2005

Joshua, there will not be a program of genocide. If the Shi'ite decided to kill Kurds or Sunnis (or even Kurdish Sunni's) they would probably have to kill some of their own family members. The country is not divided into the three sections the MSM reports.

Annika, I think Thomas Paine would agree with you.

Lieberman is usually right!

Posted by: Mike on Feb. 23, 2005