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January 29, 2005

The Iraqi Election

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i've been out all day and i just got in, so i turned on the tv to find out how the elections are going. Geraldo is on a rooftop, waving at the pilots in the Longbows circling overhead. Cameras inside the polling place show a couple of election workers sitting at tables, but no voters. Geraldo is wearing a flak vest. He's talking by remote with Susan Estrich, who's being as pissy as ever: she's happy but, but, but, where are the WMDs? Idiot. And there's a lone voter down below, waving the Iraqi flag bravely as he walks from the polling place.

Geraldo is in Baghdad, i think. He's very optimistic, but judging by the video, things don't look too promising. Hopefully there are more voters in other parts of the country. i'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Update: First off, did you see Condi on the George Stepanopolus Comedy hour this morning? Hott! She looks great in a black suit and my bitch boots. When she asked me if she could borrow them, i was all "i don't know babe, are you sure..." But dayyumm, gurl!!!

Nextly, Ted was right. Stepanoplus says that turnout estimates range from 55% to 70% and Fox news picks a number in the middle, at about 60%. By any standard, this has to be seen as great news.

Now, Evan Bayh is telling George Stepalotomous that he disagrees with the fat senator from Massachussetts, we shouldn't cut and run. Steppopotamus is now asking why the senator voted against Condi Rice. Bayh is talking, but i'm not getting a clear answer from him. He voted no because of her "mistakes in judgment" but that doesn't seem consistent with a centrist position. i think Senator Bayh's vote may come back to haunt him if he meets Senator Clinton, who voted yes, in the primaries.

Update 2: Why does every pundit feel the need to remind us that "just because the elections were successful, doesn't mean that there won't be more violence." Is there anyone in the world who believed that the insurgency would end after the election? Has anyone said that?

Update 3: Let's not forget that today is the Vice President's sixty-fourth birthday. Happy Birthday Dick!

Update 4: Here's an excellent question. i know the answer though. They're a bunch of hypocritical cowards.

Update 5: Moxie posted today: "...for those of us who love America, the beauty and payoff was seeing the joy (of those who previously had to vote for Saddam or face his assassins) vote yesterday for what they believed. Without fear." Nicely put.

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Your spot report hit a definite lull. Geraldo later (or earlier) talked about the "packed" polling place. Either he moved to another location or you saw an early or late report. Most reports I'm hearing say the turnout is higher than anticipated, with low turnouts in the areas they expected.

Posted by: Ted on Jan. 30, 2005

You know, they don't have toilet paper over there.

Posted by: Casca on Jan. 30, 2005


Since there's no comma after "Birthday," I'll assume you're referring to an entity called The Happy Birthday Dick.



Posted by: Kevin Kim on Jan. 30, 2005

Gosh Annie, didn't you remember the last election?

Remember the early returns from the exit polls? Why in the world would a smart girl like you put any stock in anything early?

Ted points out that Geraldo changed tunes. I saw him and he was just short of orgasmic about being there, comparing it to 1776 and The Berlin Wall coming down.

Newt was on, saying this might be the beginning of the end of dictatorships in the Middle East.

This is the day that the Fat Bloviator from Massachusetts and the Shrill Clawless Bitch from California get a well deserved chance to eat their hats. Hopefully someone has defacated in them as well for flavor.

Posted by: shelly on Jan. 30, 2005

I really can't figure Bayh on this one. Rarely have I seen someone through away a Presidential bid so quickly. I guess this is the extent to which intellectual stagnation has poisoned the Demo party.

Sad, really

Posted by: Pursuit on Jan. 30, 2005

The only ones more upset than MSM and the Democrats about this election is the Dictators in Iran.

And the only ones happier than Iraqis and Republicans about this election is the people of Iran.

This is the year that the iranian government will fall because the Iranian people will demand freedom too.

Posted by: Jake on Jan. 30, 2005

OMG I LOVED Condi in those boots yesterday! HOTT indeed. It definitely made me smile.

Posted by: Amy Bo Bamy on Jan. 31, 2005