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November 15, 2004

Monday Night Football

Philadelphia at Dallas.
Philly is favored by 6½ points.
The Cowboy's quarterback is still Vinnie Testaverde.
Vinnie Testaverde still sucks.
He's thrown ten picks this year, six in the last two games.
He's awful.
Philly is coming off a loss to Pittsburgh.
They outclass Dallas at the QB, RB and WR positions.
You do the math.
Gimme Philadelphia minus the points.

Now onto sports news of the more prurient variety. Chicago Bears Linebacker Brian Urlacher admits that he went out with Paris Hilton, but that he's never seen her infamous video.

We met, had a good time in Vegas, and she came to a game. That was about it.
Where Paris is concerned, what exactly does "a good time in Vegas" entail?
She's a nice girl.
i'm sure she is.
And a busy girl
Very, very busy from what i hear.
she goes all out.
Is that how he injured his hammy?
I don't know what the big deal was. I was single, and we hung out for a while.
i bet your sweatin' your next pee test, dude.
I didn't even see the [infamous] video, man.
Yah, right.
I should've watched it; I heard it was pretty good.

Rock on Brian.

Update: With the Eagles' 49 to 21 shellacking of the Cowboys tonight (Someone forgot to tell Andy Reid that there's no BCS in the NFL, and thus no need to run up the score.), i improved my record for MNF prognostication to 6 and 3. My awesomeness continues to roll!

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Philly bye 3 no more or less.

Posted by: Dex on Nov. 15, 2004

The rumor of last week was that Bill the Cat lost the mayoral election due to havin' been married to Paris Hilton for 17 minutes the day jes' before the election. Paris gets around, doesn't she. I wish she would come around here. I think she is cute. ;)

Posted by: Tig on Nov. 15, 2004

...awesomeness continues...
Then there's your sub-500 record in Blogger Bowl.

(Trash-talking only because The Rats of Chaos are scheduled to roll over annika's journal next week, kiddo.)

Posted by: Victor on Nov. 16, 2004

We're not gonna talk about Blogger Bowl. Not after Ted whooped my ass so badly this week.

Posted by: annika on Nov. 16, 2004

It's not exactly a "pee-test" that's used. Very few of the nasties actually show up in urine. Usually, a blood test or a smear is what's needed.

Drugs, OTOH, will usually show up in pee.

Posted by: John on Nov. 16, 2004