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October 09, 2004

Beautiful Asymmetry

These two quotes from John Kerry at last night's debate are so beautiful, all i can do is sit back and admire them.

Quote 1:

He's trying to attack me. He wants you to believe that I can't be president. And he's trying to make you believe it because he wants you to think I change my mind. Well, let me tell you straight up: I've never changed my mind about Iraq. I do believe Saddam Hussein was a threat. I always believed he was a threat. Believed it in 1998 when Clinton was president. I wanted to give Clinton the power to use force if necessary.
Quote 2:
I don't think you can just rely on U.N. sanctions [to contain Iran], Randee. But you're absolutely correct, it is a threat, it's a huge threat. And what's interesting is, it's a threat that has grown while the president has been preoccupied with Iraq, where there wasn't a threat.
Kinda takes your breath away don't it?

Via Paul at Wizbang.

Posted by annika, Oct. 9, 2004 |
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I admire Kerry's resolve too.

I held the same position for over 22 minutes. A new record for him.

Posted by: jake on Oct. 9, 2004

What inconsistency?

Posted by: Casca on Oct. 10, 2004

He's always held those positions, both for and against. So, you see, it's true. He's NEVER changed his mind. He's ALWAYS been on BOTH sides.

That's why he could shoot a fleeing man in the back, and burn a village in Vietnam, put himself in for undeserved medals, then pretend to discard them for the values of his higher self. What a man... war hero, and peacenik. I find him revolting, and believe that the majority of American voters will too.

Posted by: Casca on Oct. 10, 2004

I'm in awe.

Posted by: Christopher Blosser on Oct. 10, 2004