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July 27, 2004


i saw something shocking at Moxie's. Planned Parenthood, with the help of Yahoo! Shopping, is selling t-shirts that express the wearer's pride at having had an abortion.

That's fucked up. Even pro-abortionists like Clinton and Kerry would stop short before saying that an abortion was something that should be boasted about in front of strangers.

Whatever happened to the ideals behind the motto: safe, legal and rare? Or was that just bullshit?

PP won't be happy until every teen is sporting a tee like that one. But i say, why stop there? Let's follow that thread to it's logical conclusion.

So i designed a t-shirt with a parallel sentiment.

What do you think? Something to be proud of? Or not.

Update: Allah has more. Via Xrlq.

Posted by annika, Jul. 27, 2004 |
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Pretty brilliant.

Posted by: fairest on Jul. 27, 2004

Not so much...try again? ; )

Posted by: Jennifer on Jul. 27, 2004

Actually, I'd like one of the cat strangling shirts.

Posted by: Dawn Summers on Jul. 27, 2004

I don't think anyone who's had an abortion would be proud of that fact. Something like that sticks with you, that is if you are a decent person. If you are not a decent person, and thus purchase one of those Yahoo shirts, well perhaps instead of reading "I had an abortion" the shirt should read "I'm a callous whore". Just my 2 cents...

Posted by: Scof on Jul. 27, 2004

I like your shirt!

Do one with the callous whore statement above.

Posted by: jen on Jul. 27, 2004

Abortion is only one of many lawful but disgusting acts people could brag about on a T-shirt. I see a whole new industry springing up.

Posted by: Xrlq on Jul. 27, 2004

I'm with Dawn. Let us know when they're up at the Annika's Journal CafePress shop.

Posted by: candace on Jul. 27, 2004

I'm designing my own shirt.

Here is the design:


Posted by: Tom on Jul. 27, 2004

Shoot... I do that for fun!

Posted by: victor on Jul. 27, 2004

Way too many cats out there anyway...

Posted by: The Agnostic on Jul. 27, 2004

Thanks for blogging about it, Annie; I went at it from another angle...

Posted by: Hugo on Jul. 27, 2004

Hmmm. I am pro-choice (which is really not even close to being pro-abortion) and I do not like that shirt. Well, OK, I find it funny, which is really all I ask most days, but I don't GET it. Why would I advertise that I'd had an abortion? (I haven't, but I've had surgery down there, which is very different but still not something I'd advertise; I'd tell my friends.)

Posted by: other Annika on Jul. 27, 2004

You ever tried to strangle a cat, Annie? Those little bastards have sharp claws and teeth! I recommend shooting or bludgeoning. How about an "I shot a cat because it was in my way" shirt? ;-)

Posted by: Matt on Jul. 28, 2004

Here's mine.

Posted by: Jim Treacher on Jul. 28, 2004

You ever tried to strangle a cat, Annie? Those little bastards have sharp claws and teeth! I recommend shooting or bludgeoning.

Good point. We need to keep cat mutilation SAFE, dangit! How about a shirt that says "I shot a cat because it was in my way" on the front, and a picture of a claw with a red line through it on the back?

By the way, I'm working on a CafePress page to complement PP's work. Suggestions welcome (I have to be stingy with the designs, since I can only have one of each product in the free shop). The early shop is at www.cafepress.com/plndbarrenhood1.

Posted by: Stephen on Jul. 28, 2004

Jim and Annika, I love both of your shirts, I would like to order one of each ...

Posted by: Frisbeedude on Jul. 29, 2004

I can't operate photoshop, or many other common household tools for that matter.

But if I could, my pretend slogan on the picture of a t-shirt would have say -

"A Dingo at Planned Parenthood killed my baby!"

Posted by: Eric on Jul. 31, 2004