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July 16, 2004

My Blogroll Demographics

i just did a quick calculation of my blogroll's demographics to see if it's really as diverse as i'd like to think it is. Actually, it took a hell of a long time to go through the whole thing and the result is still an approximation. For my survey i looked at all my non-mu.nu blogs and included the mu.nu blogs i read regularly.

Here are my ethnic diversity numbers:

White bloggers: 81%
African-American bloggers: 2%
Hispanic bloggers: 1%
Asian or Pacific Islander bloggers: 5%
Native American bloggers: 0%
Other bloggers or ethnicity unknown: 11%
Pretty sad, i know. Here's my results for diversity of opinion:
Left-of-center bloggers: 10%
Right-of-center bloggers: 76%
Non-political bloggers: 14%
And finally, here's my results for gender:
Male bloggers: 63%
Female bloggers: 29%
Gay or bisexual bloggers: 1%
Mixed or unknown: 8%
Alright, that's it. Good way to kill time on a Friday morning when the boss is away. Please don't report me to the Equal Opportunity Blogroll Commission or anything.

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FYI: I am both African-American and Hispanic. Hope that helps. :)

Posted by: Dawn Summers on Jul. 16, 2004

Age would be another factor to consider. What percent of your readers are over/under 30? 40? 20? 60?

I teach gay and lesbian history and I have an Afro-Colombian girlfriend... does that help?

Posted by: Hugo on Jul. 16, 2004

Hey Dawn, i had you down for African-American, but i didn't know you were hispanic too. i ran the numbers again and revised for two other multi-racial bloggers i know of. Just like the census. It's hard to categorize bloggers unless they are open about their background. Glenn was easy 'cause his blog is called "Hi, I'm Black." But some bloggers don't even post with their name, so i can't even tell the sex. Categorizing by age would be super-hard, although i suspect a good percentage would be in their 20's and 30's, with a respectable number over 40. It was interesting going through all the blogs looking for that stuff. i don't know if it says anything about bloggers in general or if it's just my own taste. And Hugo, you got lumped in with the
SWM's, your girlfriend notwithstanding. ; )

Posted by: annika! on Jul. 16, 2004

Wow. I had no idea you could do such fancy work on your blog! I am glad I am unable, I waste too much time just having a counter attached!

Posted by: Jennifer on Jul. 16, 2004

I teach gay and lesbian history


This is just too cartoonish. Please tell me you are making this androphobe, Dworkin fantasy, male-feminist character up? I'll sleep much better knowing that.

Posted by: Radical Redneck on Jul. 16, 2004

Miss Annika.

I can offer two suggestions to help with your diversity:

Alphecca (if he's not already on your list) http://alphecca.com/

& Right Side of the Rainbow

Both are run by gay men, are well written & pro-gun/right leaning.

Course I was most curious about a category you didn't mention: how many bloggers that you read are pro-dog or pro-cat? I trying times like these I think you're readers deserve to know which side you're on in the feline v. canine issue. :D

Posted by: Publicola on Jul. 16, 2004

Ha Ha Publicola. i can't do that because then i have to get into who's pro-lizard and pro-marsupial and all that shit and it opens up a whole can of worms.

Posted by: annika! on Jul. 16, 2004

So, you're pro-lizard are you? Now we finally know Miss Annika's dirty little secret. I for one am shocked & disappointed, but so be it. Just watch V. I hope you'll do the right thing & re-think your position.


Posted by: Publicola on Jul. 16, 2004

Radical redneck, you must come visit me sometime, big boy...

And I'll bet my redneck bona-fides are pretty damn good too. I know my way around a John Deere, I've got lots of Merle Haggard and Steve Earle CDs, and in high school, went through a tin or two of Copenhagen (never Skoal).

And Annie, I am decidedly pro-rodent.

Posted by: Hugo on Jul. 16, 2004

Dawn is about as 'African' as I am.

Posted by: Karol on Jul. 18, 2004

But you're Asian.

Posted by: dawn summers on Jul. 19, 2004


Posted by: Andrew L on Nov. 4, 2004