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July 09, 2004

Say a prayer.

My mom is ill, i am leaving for L.A. to go see her right now. Any kind thoughts sent up above on her behalf would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

Update: My mom is doing okay. She had a heart attack, which they tell me was minor. She underwent angioplasty with the balloon and they are going to keep her under observation for a few days. Thankfully, she didn't need surgery, which was my great fear. i already went through that twice with my dad.

It was scary for me because i drove six hours to get down to L.A. from Sacramento and i was pretty much in the dark until i got here. But i was so relieved to find her well and in good spirits when i arrived. Thank you to everyone who kept her in your thoughts and prayers. i know it helped.

Posted by annika, Jul. 9, 2004 |
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My thoughts and prayers will be with your family.

Posted by: ginger on Jul. 9, 2004


My prayers are for your mother - may she get well soon.

Posted by: OS on Jul. 9, 2004

As the Koreans say:

Bballi gon-gahng hashigi-baram-nida!

I hope for her quick recovery!


Posted by: Kevin Kim on Jul. 9, 2004

As my pentecostal friends say, "I'm lifting her up before the throne". God bless you, your mom, and your family.

Posted by: Hugo on Jul. 9, 2004

I hope she gets well soon, annie.

Posted by: d-rod on Jul. 9, 2004

Your mum is in my thoughts, as are you for a safe journey.

Posted by: The Maximum Leader on Jul. 9, 2004

I just did, and will again.

Posted by: Rodger Schultz on Jul. 9, 2004

Oh, Annika, God bless you and your mom. We'll say a prayer!

Posted by: Brent on Jul. 9, 2004

I hope your mom gets better soon.

Posted by: Karol on Jul. 9, 2004

To Annika's mom: best wishes and get well soon! :D

Posted by: Chris on Jul. 9, 2004


Sometimes these events can serve as warnings and allow us to change our lifestyles, thus they turn out to be blessings in disguise. I pray that is one of those times, and that whatever stresses may have brought this on will be lessened by your mother knowing that she is loved and valued by her family and friends.

My thouughts and prayers are with you and her.

Posted by: shelly s. on Jul. 10, 2004

We're sending good thoughts and wishes to your family!

Posted by: Ted on Jul. 10, 2004

I'm glad your mom didn't have to have surgery. I know how scary it is when a mom is sick. Thanks for letting us know she's doing okay!

Posted by: Shae on Jul. 10, 2004

I'm so relieved to hear the update! Give some hugs from us to you and your mom!

Posted by: Brent on Jul. 10, 2004

I'll Keep praying for your mom.

Posted by: Chuck on Jul. 11, 2004

I'm glad to hear she's doing well--We're still thinking good thoughts for your mom.

Posted by: Victor on Jul. 12, 2004

What no heart cath?

Angio's are old tech

Posted by: Aunt Myrtle on Jul. 12, 2004

Certainly glad to hear things are improving, nothin beats family.

Posted by: Scof on Jul. 12, 2004

glad to hear your mom is ok..best wishes for a speedy recovery!!

Posted by: jimi on Jul. 12, 2004

Best wishes to your mom for a speedy and full recovery. And best wishes to you for comfort during this stressful time. Hang in there!

Posted by: Todd on Jul. 12, 2004

Glad to hear that your mom is doing okay and that she is in good spirits!!

You and yours will be in my thoughts and prayers. :)

Posted by: Amy on Jul. 12, 2004