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March 28, 2004

Wagnerian Skankwoman

As i gaze into my crystal ball i can almost see it . . .

If the American Skankwoman continues to balloon at her current rate, and her career continues to nose dive at it's current rate, i see only one path for her.

No, not Vegas . . . think Bayreuth!

Yes, i see Brittany expanding her . . . er . . . repertoire to encompass the grand Ring Cycle!

Brittany as Brünnhilde! It's perfect! Of course she'd need to lip synch it, but that's nothing new for her.

Hojotoho! Hojotoho! Heiaha! Heiaha!

Hojotoho! Hojotoho! Heiaha! Heiaha! Heiaha!

Am i right or am i right about this?

"Oh annika, why are you so obsessed?" Cuz it's funny that's why.

Posted by annika, Mar. 28, 2004 |
Rubric: American Skankwomen


that is one hilarious picture annika, did you photoshop that yourself? ...she looks like a slightly prettier version of wynonna judd. not that she is pretty at all, i mean she's a skank.

Posted by: Scof on Mar. 28, 2004

The skanky woman, even if she ballooned to 250 lbs, couldn't crank out Brunhilde if her life depended on it. She doesn't have the lungs (really, I mean lungs... not "lungs") for it. Plus, how the hell will she learn German when her grasp on English is tenuous at best. And I should add, you did a great job on the photoshop!

Posted by: The Maximum Leader on Mar. 29, 2004

You won't believe what happened when I clicked on the Bayreuth link . . .

A pop up offer either a McDonald's or Krispy Kreme gift card!! Appropriate, yes?

Regardless, AmerSknkWmn is well on her way to becoming a short pear shaped has been.

Posted by: joe on Mar. 29, 2004

Britney won't escape the gravitational pull of her DNA. Her ass is about to remind her that "they grow 'em bigger in Texas."

Left buttock cheek: Hojotoho!!

Right buttock cheek: Heiaha!


Posted by: Kevin Kim on Mar. 29, 2004

One of the reasons we love you, annika, is that only you would come up with this...

Posted by: Hugo on Mar. 29, 2004

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