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March 02, 2004

Pay It Forward

You all may remember that Serenity recently moved to Houston. Well, she just broke her ankle and is without insurance because she hasn't been at her job long enough for her benefits to accrue. That completely sucks. A lot of bloggers have put out the call for help. i myself want to add my voice to that call, because i've enjoyed Serenity's blog for as long as i've been in the blogosphere. She really is one of the best and i hate to see such bad luck befall her. Your prayers or any kind of assistance would be a nice thing to do for her. There is a Paypal link on her sidebar. Get well soon, Serenity.

More: Lorie is also dealing with a tragic event. Her sister was in a bad car accident and was very seriously injured. Please remember her in your prayers too.

What's going on?

Posted by annika, Mar. 2, 2004 |
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Thanks for alerting us about Serenity; I am a regular Lorie reader and like you, wonder what is going on?

Posted by: Hugo on Mar. 2, 2004

"What's going on?"
I don't know, but with Sereneity and Lorie, and the Esmays problems...and a tech website I visit is taking donations for a colleague who's wife became seriously ill after hemorrhaging during childbirth...I'm thinking of giving up reading blogs...not because they're becoming downers, but because I'm afraid I'm a curse!

Take care and stay safe Annie!

Posted by: Rob on Mar. 2, 2004