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June 18, 2008

Finals Thought

Kobe's not Jordan? Maybe. I think a more correct statement is Odom's not Pippen. Look, the Lakers are a Phil Jackson team: a bunch of role players with one star but no big man. The Bulls were a Phil Jackson team with two stars and decent, not great, big men. Put Bynum in there, move Gasol to forward where he belongs, and then it's all on Odom. Next year there's a good chance we'll see the same two teams in the Finals. There's nothing wrong with Kobe's game, but the Laker's future depends on whether Odom decides to adopt a Pippen like work ethic or whether he remains content being the same old Odom. Because against these Celtics, one superstar ain't enough.

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I watched last night's demolition and, frankly, I've rarely seen a team quit quite as badly. I give most of the credit to Boston because that teams plays some bitchin' defense, but I still wouldn't have minded seeing a little bit more effort on the part of the Lakers. I was rooting for the Celtics and I actually started to feel sorry for the ass-kicking.

You're right about one thing: you're gonna need another gret player to take on this Celtics team. And I think it's likely that we'll continue the 1980s flashback and see these two teams in the Finals next year.

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