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May 31, 2008

I'm From The Future, I Came Here In A Time Machine You Invented, And I Need Your Help To Get Back To The Year 1985

Pat Riley's Brylcreem. The Chief's scowl. Danny Ainge pouting. Coop's knee highs. Kareem's goggles. Rambis's Clark Kents. Walton lying on the sideline. Bird vs. Magic (all the way back to '79) Maxwell's choking taunt. Magic's no-looks to Worthy. The Sky Hook was unstoppable. The Garden's heat, its bumpy parquet. McHale's clothesline foul. The Fabulous Forum. Leprechauns. Chick-isms. Big Game James. DJ's freckles. Jack courtside. K.C. Jones ridin' that train. Randy Newman blaring. Boston and L.A. are in the Finals and it's almost the 80's again.

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I see your blog every 2nd month. I would like to meet you one day. I think your fantastic with the pen. good wishes always.


Posted by: anil dhawan on May. 31, 2008

Annie, care to bet on the series (I spent most of my life in Boston. Havilcek, Dave Cowens and Paul Silas were somewhat close neighbors of mine when I was a little kid (and not as mature as I am now))?

You could always identify a Celtic on the street. They were the only negroes in the region! ;-)

I have a very fond memory of the '84 epic series. The day between games 6 & 7 a bunch of us college folk were at a Red Sox game. The game wasn't anything to write home about so we provided a distraction - we started a "Sacrifice Kareem" chant that quickly gained momentum. It was definitely audible both anywhere in the stadium and over television. There probably was a very good chance Kareem was watching the game back in the hotel (there were no out-of-town television options in them days) and heard the 20,000+ crowd chanting to have him sacrificed. LOL!

We even had some Harvard ivory-tower elitists chanting. Oh to have video for blackmail!

The next day the Celtics won. I take credit for that championship!

Posted by: Raical Redneck on May. 31, 2008


You have attracted some real weirdos!

Posted by: shelly on Jun. 1, 2008

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Posted by: tgobbqgbj on Jun. 1, 2008

Shelly, surely in your vast legal experience, you have become familiar with the dictum, it takes one, to know one.

Posted by: Casca on Jun. 2, 2008

Mispelled my handle @ 2 above.

What say you Annie?

Posted by: Radical Redneck on Jun. 2, 2008

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