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April 20, 2008


Anybody have a recommendation for a good 24" flat panel monitor? I was looking at the Samsung at Costco, but I hear ViewSonic is also good.

Posted by annika, Apr. 20, 2008 | TrackBack (0)
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I don't know anything about these t.v.'s, but my husband got a Sony Vaio via a tremendous employee discount for Christmas. We love it. At first I thought I was going to watch t.v. all day and night, but that didn't last.

Posted by: Joules on Apr. 20, 2008

Samsung has an excellent reputation.

Posted by: Casca on Apr. 21, 2008

HPs are good, but not cheap. I love my 19" one, and shudder to think of the price of a 24".

Posted by: Sigivald on Apr. 22, 2008

I've purchased cheap as well as the really really expensive. You're going to be looking at it for the next five or so years. Spend a little extra and get a really good one. Get the maximum warranty. I disagree with the frugal Clark Howards of the world when it comes to a store warranty on these things.

Pricewatch.com or newegg if you want to purchase online. I really recommend (after dealing with the warranty process) purchasing from a retail location. Amortize over the five years and it's worth it.

Oh and 1080 is a rip at that size. You can go 720 fine.

Posted by: Stew on Apr. 22, 2008