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November 29, 2007

More On The Debate

All the buzz this morning on talk radio and the blogs is about the planted questioners from last night's debate. I'm not as outraged at the individual questions — a question is a question — as I am at the fact that they were all designed to perpetuate a Democratic stereotype of Republicans and conservatives. And not only that, since the planted questioners all came from the activist left, yet were only identified by CNN as ordinary citizens, they gave the false impression that ordinary Americans are united against conservative principles. That's simply not true; eight years of Republican presidency prove that it is not.

Questions designed to place the candidates on the defensive have their place, but such questions are fundamentally unfair when the background of the questioner is hidden, and especially when the same tactic is not used against the Democrats in their own debates. Bryan at Hot Air said it:

Last time, the debate was for Democrats and the plants were all Democrats. This time, the debate was for Republicans…but the plants were still all Democrats.

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Has anyone noticed that Mike Huckabee looks an awful lot like President Charles Logan from 24? Now that Chuck Norris has endorsed Huckabee, could anyone stop him other than Jack Bauer? Read all about it here:http://hedgehogcentral.blogspot.com/2007/11/next-president-of-united-states-huck.html

Posted by: The Kosher Hedgehog on Nov. 30, 2007

Well have you noticed that Mitt Romney looks an awful lot like country legend George Strait?

Posted by: annika on Nov. 30, 2007

Has anyone noticed that John McCain looks an awful lot like my friend Kym's dad?

Posted by: Nigel on Dec. 1, 2007