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April 25, 2007

Skadefryd Part 2: Rosie O'Donald Is Out

According to TMZ. Good news, I guess, but why don't they just cancel The View? While she was there it was easy to blame Rosie, but the show sucked long before she arrived.

Rosie hasn't announced yet, but how much you wanna bet she's going to spin it as "her decision," to "pursue other interests," blah blah blah. It won't be the fact that nobody likes a bully and she's a bully.

Rosie is the left's equivalent of Michael Savage — a loud, bigoted, egotistical, ignorant clown. The only reason Rosie gets away with it on tv and Savage is relegated to after-hours radio is that tv execs agree with Rosie's bullshit.

via Hot Air

Update: Rosie said, "my needs for the future just didn't dovetail with what ABC was able to offer me."

I was close. She just left out the "blah blah blah" part.

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Not sure who The View's target audience is, but my guilty pleasure when I'm not working is to watch the first few minutes of Regis and Kelly.

I hadn't heard this story. Is she leaving immediately?

Posted by: Ontario Emperor on Apr. 25, 2007

Speaking of nuts, Straw, you've got to find a more socially appropriate way to worship your hero!

A Canadian man was busted for celebrating Adolf Hitler's birthday Friday by walking around with nothing but a swastika taped to his body.

Concerned Vancouver residents called police after witnessing the naked memorial to the tyrant.

The suspect was held for psychiatric evaluation.

Posted by: Radical Redneck on Apr. 25, 2007

I've only caught glimpses of The View while watching programs that showed snippets of it - usually Rosie saying something ridiculous and the others agreeing. (The lone "conservative" generally being too gutless and/or dumb to respond.) Based on those few snippets, the show appears to be something only an idiot could enjoy. So, imagine my amazement when I read it was nominated for an Emmy. Who the fuck decides these things?!

Oh, Ontario, I've never watched Regis and Kelly, but I saw her on the cover a magazine recently - my God the woman has an AMAZING body! I had no idea she was so damn hot. Won't make me watch the show but did tempt me to buy a trashy, chick magazine ;-)

Posted by: blu on Apr. 25, 2007


Yep, Kathy is a cute number. Remember she had a career as a singer and dancer before she was a footballer’s wife. I like her raspy voice.

Oh, gosh Blu, another thing we have in common. Where will it end?

Did you see Richard Clarke take apart the puerile Bush "puppy doctrine"? You know the theory that if we don't toilet train them in Iraq they will follow us home and crap on our beautifully mowed lawns.

A theory only a moron could speak out loud and only cretins would nod their heads at, shrug and go yea, that's right, fight them there not here, then scratch, spit and wonder what keeps them from coming now and just side stepping Iraq where they might get shot. You don't hafta know how to score bowling or have an IQ higher than the wheelbase of you pick-up to laugh at the holes in this theory. Yet, George gets up each day and Dick and Karl tell him he's got to out and keep flogging it. Just keep saying it George, fuck'em, they won't ask you to explain it and if they do who better than you to talk circular bullshit about it. Look real grave George, give 'em that Bush squint when you say the part about fighten'em here, ina 'merica.

Aren't you embarrassed yet Blu?

Posted by: Strawman on Apr. 25, 2007

I stopped reading after I saw the name Richard Clarke. (Is he hawking some new lies to try and make a buck? The word is that the guy is a pompous asshole with whom nobody wants to work.)Still, it's good that you know a nice piece of ass when you see it, Straw.

Posted by: blu on Apr. 25, 2007

Radical Redneck,

While it's true that Hitler was a socialist, I don't think Straw would find his nationalism appealing. That doesn't jibe well with Strawman's prevailing "I'm a citizen of the world" sentiments.

And, no, it's not the whole killing-the-Jews thing that turns him off to ol' Adolph. Stalin did it too. Just ask Trotsky about icepicks sometime.

Though, I wouldn't be surprised if this old Soviet axiom applies to Straw: "In Soviet Russia, the ass fucks you!"

Posted by: reagan80 on Apr. 25, 2007


Similar, but not exact. I think she's fatter than Savage, but I could be wrong as he has better access to In n' Out. Get back to me on this if you can.


Posted by: Pursuit on Apr. 25, 2007

Reagan, it was an ice AXE. The thing you climb mountains with.

Posted by: Casca on Apr. 25, 2007


I'm sorry. My mistake. Please forgive the error.

Posted by: reagan80 on Apr. 25, 2007

Hey Ray gun,

Kasha is right-ice ax. I was in Trosky's home in MC where the dirty deed was done. His house is a few blocks from Diego and Frida's house.

Posted by: Strawman on Apr. 26, 2007