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April 19, 2007

Bradford Wiles Update

Remember a few posts ago, I quoted from a prescient op-ed by VT grad student Bradford Wiles, published eight months ago?

Well, somebody did track Wiles down for his comment on this week's horrific event. Here's what he said:

On Tuesday, Wiles stood by that opinion in the wake of this week's massacre, telling Cybercast News Service that "the only way to stop someone with a gun is somebody else with a gun."

"The entire campus was a place where someone knew they could inflict the most damage with the least amount of armed resistance, and that's what you get with gun control," Wiles said. "If you let people like myself carry a gun legally ... then you have the possibility of stemming the tide."

Wiles, who wasn't near the campus buildings where Monday's shootings took place, said he doesn't believe an armed student could have prevented all of the bloodshed. But, he added, "even if just one person is not shot by that gunman because somebody had their legally licensed concealed firearm on them, isn't that enough?"

h/t Buckeye Firearms Association News

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Gotta love the Israelis, folks.

Posted by: reagan80 on Apr. 19, 2007

No, ya gotta love the BUCKEYES!

Posted by: Casca on Apr. 20, 2007

For a few months, I lived in tiny village (*cough* settlement *cough*) in Israel. One night, a terrorist snuck in to a home there, and killed an extremely nice guy named Danny Frei. Danny died defending his wife and kids, although (if I recall correctly) the terrorist succeeded in attacking his wife and killing their unborn child.

That would be the last violent crime in that town.

Forget about M-16's, Uzi's, and the Glocks & 1911's that even the Rabbis carried. Two 10x10x10 reinforced concrete boxes in the center of town. Machine guns. Grenades. Artillery.

Posted by: taxlawmax on Apr. 20, 2007