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April 18, 2007

Clinton Is In Trouble

I still think she'll win the nomination, but clearly Senator Clinton is in a dogfight. The RealClearPolitics average has her leading Bronco Bomber by only 6 points!

Update: More at Wizbang. Hillary's favorable/unfavorable rating is in freefall too.

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I like your blog...
cool design, simple but complicated.
i saw that lindsay letter u've snet to her...
what was the response? what happent?
who sent it, for who , to who???
i didnt get a point :)
... think is i just whant to contact her somehow, im not some kind of a freaky fan or something , i just what to tell her my opinion about her work, and her as a person, i realy like her on some special way. i would like to be a some kind of a pen friend with her and that kinda stuff if you get me...
i just whant to tell her what i mean :)
btw that thing with lindsay email is good thing for your blog...
if anyone's looking for her mail trough google he is gona be linked to here for sure...
Like your blog, visit my ( soon im gona make oen on english language ;P)
plz respond

Posted by: Darkie on Apr. 18, 2007


stop it Radical Redneck! you're killin me.

Posted by: annika on Apr. 18, 2007


Posted by: Darkie on Apr. 18, 2007

Oh i have been saddened by the distence between us lindsay and i long to feel yor touch

like romeo asking wher juliette was i ask can it ever bee

i feel like when my dog ran away - lonely w/o u

liek a teen band i wana becom famous

Theirs no place like a place with u i want to bathe in yor luv like a flower constantly releasing it's scent this is my feeling for you

whn i cryed out yor name at yor window Why dont you love me I said i feel it beautifully

write me lindsay write me

Posted by: ElMon... er... some teenybopper... on Apr. 18, 2007


Hey Annika, what makes you think you'll have to stop blogging just cuz you're taking the Cali Bar? C'mon, it's not that bad. At least give us 'till the standard "I'll get serious about BarBri when July 1 rolls around" grace period.

Posted by: taxlawmax on Apr. 18, 2007

Most successful thread hijack, evah!

Posted by: ElMondoHummus on Apr. 18, 2007

you guys slay me

Posted by: annika on Apr. 18, 2007

nvm annika :(

Posted by: Darkie on Apr. 18, 2007


Our only hope is that the power of Sean Connery will compel Annika to keep this place running.

Posted by: reagan80 on Apr. 18, 2007

Reagan, I'm beginning to think you've got
a thing
for Sean.

Posted by: taxlawmax on Apr. 18, 2007

Taxlawmax has a point, Annika. I blogged while I studied for the Cal bar, and turned out mostly okay for it.

Granted, pretty much everything I blogged about was bar exam-related. Which probably bored some of my readers. Or like. Most of them. Erm. Probably almost all.

Hm. Maybe it's not such a great idea after all.

Posted by: The Law Fairy on Apr. 18, 2007

That's definitely the worst part about studying for the bar. Your head becomes so grossly bloated with legal morsels that you can't help but spew them out even when, say, your wife tries to gag you every time you get that "holy shit! I actually remember something from BarBri about that!" look.

Posted by: taxlawmax on Apr. 18, 2007

I have it on good authority that reagan80 isn't really into those of the phallic gender. His perceived homo-ness is merely a facade to lull women into a false sense of security at clubs. I heard that once he gets close enough, he will then proceed to dry hump some poor bitch's elbow before being forcefully ejected from the premises.

Ladies, wear long sleeves.

Posted by: Spanky on Apr. 19, 2007

anybody ever see Zardoz?

four words:

Connery in high heels...

Posted by: annika on Apr. 19, 2007

Connery in high heels? Geez, and I thought seeing Terrence Stamp in drag was too much.

Posted by: ElMondoHummus on Apr. 19, 2007

Me? A closet queen? What gives you that idea?

Speaking of Queen, they did the theme song to a flick that he starred in, The Highlander, and might I add that he looked absolutely fabulous wearing that ear ring. Boy, I sure do enjoy a good movie with guys impaling each other.

To answer Annika's question, I barely remember seeing a portion of ZARDOZ on the TBS channel back when I was in pre-school or something. In fact, she has brought back some of my lost childhood memories because, back then, I thought it starred a young Burt Reynolds. That movie kind of freaked me out at the time, but today it makes me laugh my fucking ass off. That is pure gold! Thanks, Annie!

Posted by: reagan80 on Apr. 19, 2007