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March 07, 2007

Wednesday Is Poetry Day

I thought this one was interesting. I was looking for poems about hamburgers, because I just ate one.

Burger King

by Henry Burt Stevens

"At Burger King, Midday Sunday, Ft Myers, Florida"

Moving slowly not
to spoil their raiment

moving calmly
still otherworldly,

they do not see any of us
white, brown, or black

sitting with our families
eating burgers and fries,

though they smile gently
to one another.

We know who we are
and why we are not seen.

If it happens while
we're all together

we'll see them taken up
leaving us behind

but for now the saved
have joined with us for lunch.

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I like the way this is written. It's also funny from two different perspectives: if you're a Christian and you're honest, you know how ridiculous it is to think that you're better than those around you so that you would choose not even to see them, as the writer seems to imply; if you're not a Christian, it's really funny to think that even sanctimonious Christians in their Sunday best may choose to eat hamburgers with the unrighteous but they don't have to look at them. How many people--religious or not--go around the restaurant greeting people they don't know? Certainly doesn't happen a lot here in San Diego.

Posted by: Joules on Mar. 7, 2007