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February 11, 2007

Chill Wind Update

Whatever happened to Tim Robbins's "chill wind?"

It must be yet another sign of global warming, because that "chill wind" is getting downright balmy.

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What puzzles me is why anyone gives a rat's ass about Tim Robbins or what he says or thinks.

He's just an actor, you know, a guy who recites someone else's lines.

Posted by: shelly on Feb. 12, 2007

The Global Warming is coming straight from the Libs all blowing sunshine up each other's asses at the Grammies last night. Shouldn't last too long...no matter WHAT that damned groundhog said.

Posted by: seejanemom on Feb. 12, 2007

Exactly. Note to Dixie Chicks: no one cares if you make nice or back down. You're boring us to death already with your whiny, nyah-nyah song.

Posted by: Joules on Feb. 12, 2007

You would like to think these awards shows are based on talent only but this proves they are as much political as anything else. We already knew this about the Nobel Peace Prize.

Posted by: Mike C. on Feb. 13, 2007

Let this be a lesson to you folks: There are many rewards and honors given to those who follow the party line.

Posted by: Mark on Feb. 15, 2007