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January 31, 2007

Wednesday is Bad Poetry Day: Fly Guy

An original composition, by Fly Guy. Freak y'all, into the beat y'all.

A hat tip to some blonde chick.

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Rubric: Poetry


How does he get women exactly? Cuz it sure ain't his charm!

Posted by: Joules on Jan. 31, 2007

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Posted by: J. Mark English on Jan. 31, 2007

As you can tell, things are a bit strange here. It's a communal thing Mark. I'm in charge of making the numbers work. How much cash do you have? If you send me your bank account number, I can help you double that overnight.

Posted by: Casca on Jan. 31, 2007

i love that movie. i looked for eddie murphy's "kill my landlord" poem on youtube, but it looks like no one's uploaded it. that would have been a nice companion to flyguy.

Posted by: annika on Feb. 2, 2007

Looks like one of the professors I had in law school.

Posted by: Mark on Feb. 3, 2007